Friday, August 3, 2012


We just paid over $100 to get Chewy shaved... and this is what we got:

                                        Before                                                                       After

You think the pictures suck? So do I. PHONES DON'T HAVE GREAT CAMERAS! If you agree with me, please contact 479-621-3818 (Michael's cell phone) and tell him how we need to buy a camera. Basically Chewy looks like a great dane/black lab mix. It's hilarious and I've been making fun of him for a day now.

Anywho, the Olympics started so I've been fabulously obsessed :). I have claimed our I-PAD for the next couple weeks so that I can catch up with it at work. My goal is to go to an Olympics. I know, most people say they want to be in the Olympics, but I've read what those freaks do to get there... and no thanks. I like doughnuts too much and I'd rather sit with all the other fat people in the crowd. Along with being beautifully overweight, I currently have two boyfriends: Ryan Lochte and Matt Anderson. Oh, Michael is still the love of my life... but a girls gotta have some eye candy on the side right? Anyways, the point is they're beautiful and fun to watch on TV while Michael is beautiful and fun to watch at home. Win Win for me. 

The Arkansas heat has been miserable, making me miss the Utah dry weather. BUT, some awesome things have happened:

#1. We went to Red Lobster one night with Michael's co-worker Kassie and her fiance Joel, and in the middle of our meal, the lights went out! They never came back on, so we got our meal for free and had some free cheesecake to top our meal off.

#2. We went to some pizza place (I'm not a fan of it... and we keep ending up there...), and when we were there with Michael's co-workers (Kassie and Joel were there and we decided to split a pizza), they dropped our pizza and had to start a new one, meaning that we got our food for free again! I love eating with Kassie and Joel.

#3. I went to get a snack today at work with my co-worker Jose and when we were downstairs waiting to order, the guy in front of me asked me what I was going to order. I told him I was just going to get a muffin, but he asked me to get something else... so I got a fruit smoothie AND a muffin. He paid for me, and didn't get anything for himself. Weird? Yes. Awesome? Double yes.

Did all my awesome things include food? Of course... I just talked about how much I love food above. Some not so awesome things:

#1. Our closing date has been pushed back 2 weeks so we wont be in our house for another couple weeks.

See how it doesn't involve food? That's what makes it suck. And I guess also the fact that I can't move into my awesome house. But mainly because no food is involved.

I'm on my period, so all I've been thinking about is food.

... just in case you can't tell.

I dedicate these to myself:

Funny story with this last pin... this is Luke to the core. He gets on our bed at 6:00 AM sharp, EVERYDAY. And not only does he get on the bed, but he paws my face and neck until I respond. Last Saturday I almost killed him, but as soon as I look into his cute little face, I melted and punched him with my lips. If Michael woke me up, I would probably just punch him.

Yay for husbands!