Monday, April 30, 2012


I get my wisdom teeth out in t-minus 2 hours!! I'm not nervous at all really.... my work is having a pot-luck for me today so I'm more excited for that (which starts in 30 minutes!). I made cupcakes and they look pretty bangin. I just wished I took a picture... I'll take a camera picture, but that never does it justice.

Anywho, I started reading "Matched" and I like it so far. Since I'll be bed-ridden, I'll be doing a lot of reading. I'm really excited.

Yes, I'm a nerd.

Friday, April 27, 2012


No, this isn't about Michael again. I went to the dentist this morning because my teeth have been hurting and Michael keeps telling me that some of my teeth have cavities...

Well, now it's confirmed. I have 2 cavities. I've NEVER had cavities. I actually took pride in how perfect and beautiful my teeth were. Now two of my teeth decide to kick me in the mouth and go all rotten on me. Luckily though, the cavities are on my back wisdom teeth, so instead of filling them and getting all gassed up, I'm just going to get them pulled out!

My appointment is on Monday and I expect to be back into work on Wednesday. They said that my wisdom teeth were already completely out and there is no infection by the gums so the procedure should be very simple. I was going to wait until next weekend, but my sister-in-law gets married then and I'd rather not have a puffy face for all the pictures. And I want to eat her cake. Cake = more important than wisdom teeth. I requested to not have any gas given to me because I would rather avoid any loopiness (especially after Micheal's little adventure Wednesday).

Anywho, while I was getting my teeth cleaned, the doctor asked if my husband was Michael Black. I replied, "Yes. He was here earlier this week." The dentist then told me that he remembered him well and then the rest of the staff started telling me weird things he was doing and how he "made their day". Apparently he was flailing his arms around and kept sticking his tongue out and wiggling it at people.

I should stick a camera on Michael from now on.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nitrous Gas

Two things that should NEVER be mixed together:



Nitrous Gas

Yesterday, Michael had to get some cavities filled and I completely forgot about the effects of nitrous gas they give you at dentist's offices (the ones right next to the Provo Library). He called me and sounded like those videos on youtube with the kids that just got their wisdom teeth out. It was hilarious, and I'm surprised he made it to campus without getting hit by a car. I kept telling him that I was going to pick him up, but he kept saying, "No, no, I'll look BOTH ways before I cross, Paola!... BOTH WAYS!". I'm pretty sure I face palmed myself a ton yesterday.

I lied to Michael and told him that I would wait in my office, but instead I walked/ran to meet him at the edge of campus next to the RB stairs. I called him again to see where he was and he kept saying that people were looking at him weird... I told him that it was probably because he was yelling and his jaw was numb so he sounded "special". He just giggled and kept saying that people were looking at him weird. *face palm*

I finally met up with him on the edge of campus next to the RB stairs and he looked at me and yelled, "You LIED! I knew you were lying! You're such a liar!". Of course he was yelling this while a ton of students were walking by. Anywho, I led him back to my office with him yelling about how much of a liar I was haha.

When we finally reached my office, I told him to sit down and not say anything. He decided it would be fun to play with his tongue, so he kept sticking it out and wiggling it around. Then he kept yelling about how he was drooling and how he couldn't feel his tongue. My co-workers Melba and Becky were laughing while Michael giggled with his tongue sticking out. I kept telling him to put his tongue back in his mouth, but he kept replying with, "I CAN'T FEEL IT!". *face palm*

I decided that I didn't want students seeing him like this, especially since they're coming into the Honor Code Office, so I stuck him in the back room to play on the computer. He refused to sit down and kept sticking his tongue out at me. He then decided that he had enough of the office and ran out. I had to chase him down and persuade him to come back inside. I never realized how big he was until I had to pull and push him back into my office. He kept telling me how boring it was and how he couldn't feel his jaw. *face palm*

I finally got him to sit down and not saying anything and I told him that if he sat quietly for 15 minutes then I would let him go talk to his counselor. He sat down for about 5 minutes and then kept telling me how he wanted to leave. Linda, my boss, finally came out from talking to Larry, the director, and I told Michael not to say anything and not to be rude. As soon as he saw her, he yelled, "Linda! Paola told me not to say anything rude! She thinks I'm going to say something rude!". Linda already knew Michael was kind of loopy (before I left I interrupted her lunch and told her that Michael was on campus high on drugs....), so she just laughed and wanted to find a camera. I wish we had one. Anywho, Michael decides that he wants to talk to Linda so he walks up to her desk and starts looking at all her pictures. All of Linda's children are adopted, and her one daughter who is half black has 3 adorable grand-kids. Anywho, because her daughter is half black, her children all have frizzy hair. Michael saw a picture of Linda's grand kids, looked at Linda, and then commented, "Wow Linda, you're children are really frizzy." *face palm*

Linda took everything in stride and just laughed at him. I explained to his intoxicated mind that those were Linda's grandchildren and that they obviously had frizzy hair because they were half black. Michael pondered that for a second and said, "Oh, that makes sense. They're too young to be your kids." Omgsh... completely missed the mark with the whole race thing, but at least he got something right?

Anywho, he finally sat back down and returned to sticking his tongue out at everyone. When the time limit I set was finally done, I told him he could leave. I begged him not to talk to anyone but his counselor and he promised he wouldn't....

An hour later and returns to my office whole, and the drug seemed to have lifted a little. He thankfully didn't harass anyone or tell anyone inappropriate comments about their children.  

Lesson learned from this: NEVER let Michael go to the dentist office alone. 

He told me how when they were giving him pure oxygen to calm the effects of the drug, he held his breath so that the effects would linger longer.

Another lesson learned: Michael can do really stupid things, but I still love him to pieces.

New Job

I got some great news the other day! A couple weeks ago I flew to Arkansas for a job interview for a Merchandising Assistant position and I got it!! I really wanted this job because there is a lot of room for promotion and it's in business! If I work my butt off, I can be promoted to Assistant Buyer within a year :). If you don't understand what that means, it's basically awesome. I will be working under the Senior Buyer for Sam's Club under the paper department (which is located next to the pet department!!).

In most departments, there is a Merchandising Assistant, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Senior Buyer, and then the VP. In my department, there is only the Merchandising Assistant, Senior Buyer, and the VP. Hopefully, if I work hard, I will be able to move up the ranks! I really excited to learn new things and to get my feet wet in the business field.

My start date is May 14, which is in 3 weeks! That means we have 3 weeks to pack, move, and move in to our new place. Michael and I have been so blessed because there hasn't been a period of time where I wasn't employed. I'm so grateful that we have this new opportunity and that Michael also has a great job waiting for him for June. The next couple weeks are going to be hard and stressful, but we're excited for our new adventure in Arkansas.

I think the hardest thing about leaving is all the people we are going to miss so much. We already had some friends leave so that's been weird. I love and adore everyone I work with so I'm going to miss all our jokes and cracking fun at students ;). My heart is going to rip in half when I leave my young women. I've never really liked my callings in church, mainly because I don't feel like I do much, but my young women's calling was a god-send. The young women are all amazing and I'm so grateful I've had the chance to get to know them. The young women leaders have been amazing friends and mentors. Sometimes I felt more like one of the young women than an actual leader haha. I look up to all of them and to all my friends. Michael and I aren't social creatures, we like to be lazy, but we have made some of the best of friends.

I'm nervous to move where I barely know anyone, but I've done it before so I can do it again. And this time I'll have Michael with me... so it'll be interesting. I love you all and we will miss everyone so much!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When things get slow at work and my previous intake of sugar is starting to make my sleepy, I turn to Pinterest, the mother of all things hilarious. My favorite things on Pinterest are the ecards. Here are some of the ones I found today:

Freakin hilarious. Apparently you can also make your OWN ecards!

This is my new favorite site (next to Pinterest of course...). I want to make some of my own, but I find that I'm more crude than funny, so maybe I'll avoid making some until I get some stroke of genius. 

Another genius thing I see on Pinterest is this "texts from dog":

Haha classic...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So google has a new blog outline thing and it's freaking me out. I have no idea what I'm doing... so hopefully this posts? If not, then no one will cry about it which sets my mind at peace.

My handsome husband of almost 3 years (weird!) is graduating today!! He is suppose to be taking his last final right about now, which will officially make him a college grad! I like to give another shout out to him for finally finishing! (JK sweetheart).

My stud. How did I get so lucky? No idea. Anywho, he is getting his degree in Chinese with a Business minor. He will be starting his big boy job in June for Walmart in the Merchant Leadership Program. He is more than excited for this opportunity, and I couldn't be happier for him :). He's worked so hard for this and I'm happy that he reached his goal.

I love you sweetheart! Congrats on graduating!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Bashes

Michael's birthday was April 4th, but we weren't able to celebrate because I had to leave for Arkansas for an emergency (unexpected) interview. I told him we would celebrate the next weekend, which fit perfectly because my adorable babies, Luke and Leia, turned one April 11!

It's so weird thinking that we've had Luke and Leia for almost a year! Time has flown by and it feels like we got them yesterday (except when we got them they were little and cute). They're still cute... but just a lot bigger.

I want to do a spot light for all my favorite people:


Here he is, with his TWO cakes. He really wanted carrot cake, so I made him one with cream cheese frosting (left). I'm not a huge fan of carrot, so I also made a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting (right). Both cakes were amazing (NBD), and I actually preferred the carrot over the chocolate. Anywho, Michael is now 25!! 25 doesn't sound old, but then I think about how he's 5 years from 30!!! Here are some things I love about Michael:

#1: He can talk your ear off. Literally.
Michael loves to be on wikipedia, learning about anything and everything. Because of this, his brain is full of useless information that he LOVES to share with everyone. I feel bad. When he starts talking about weird things, I tend to tune out and I'm pretty sure he notices (he keeps talking anyway). I want to make sure he knows that I love hearing him babble, he's so cute when he's excited about stuff.

#2: He loves the dogs.
I'm more than positive that Michael will be an amazing father (when the time comes). He always takes the time to play and hang out with our puppies. Although we might not be on the same page when it comes to spoiling them (all dogs should have a pair of booties...), we are on the same page when it comes to giving them love. Any time we do anything, his first thoughts are on the dogs. He loves to take them hiking and running around with them on the field we go to. He also likes racing them, and usually beats Luke and Chewy. Leia is part gazelle, nothing can beat her.

#3. He sings every morning.
EVERY morning. No exaggeration there. Most of the time I enjoy hearing him making up lyrics (he never gets them right hahha), but there are some days where he's singing a song that I hate and I know I'll get it stuck in my head forever... so I get cranky on those days. But usually he just belts out songs, and sometimes he tries to sing in Spanish by making up words I've never heard before. So adorable.


This is my stud golden retriever. He's a darker version of a golden, but beautiful nonetheless. He's the happiest dog anyone will ever meet and loves meeting new people and dogs. He's never done anything naughty, except for being a little too excited when meeting people.. Here are some things I love about him:

#1: He's the sweetest boy you'll meet.
Luke is gentle (once he settles down) and loves to be near people. Unlike Chewy or Leia (who demand their presence to be noticed at all times), Luke will calmly approach me and stand next to me until I'm ready to pet him. He always gives me this "I love you Mom" stare that melts my heart and makes me want to smother him in kisses. 

#2: He's scared of everything, except for food.
Luke is hilarious because everything scares him. Our friend TJ likes to play dirty tricks on him all the time, so Luke runs toward me whenever he comes around. Any time Michael, TJ, or I have anything in our hand (that's not food), he'll put his tail between his legs and run away. And by "anything in our hand", I literally mean anything. Michael had a sock and he ran from it. I think one time I shook a paper plate at him and he scampered away. Poor thing... he'll never be a guard dog. 

#3. He rides shot gun, whether I'm there or not.
Whenever we drive over to the field they like to run in, he will always sit up front with Mom and Dad. Leia and Chewy like to sit in the back, and there's still room for Luke (Chewy is still growing.. yikes), but he prefers the company of sophisticated people (Yes, I'm talking about Michael and me). Whenever Michael brings any of the pups to come pick me up from work, Luke will always be in the front seat looking dashing and handsome. He's hilarious and I love his company up front.


This is my baby girl. Leia is the most unique dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet (and own- although I've never owned a dog until her). She has more personality and spice than most people. I am just so amazed at how smart and loving this girl is. Here are some things I love about my baby girl:

#1: She's human, so don't tell her otherwise. 
I saw this meme a while ago with a picture of a dog with it's head cocked to the side that said, "You mean I'm not peoples?". I immediately thought about Leia because she thinks she's a human. After the first couple months of having her, I remember one time I went to say good night to her and she got up on her hind legs and gave me a hug! She does this all the time now, but I love thinking back to the first time and how weird it was! When I talk to her (yes I have conversations with my dogs, you should to), I feel like she really is listening. Maybe I'm just weird, but I truly think I have a connection with her. 

#2: She loves people.
Leia may not be excited to meet new people like Luke is, but once she gets comfortable with you, you become her new favorite thing. She loves getting up close and personal really quick haha. One thing she does is she likes to get really close to your face and then likes to smell it. She takes it all in, even the ears. She then likes to attack you with kisses. I think she's learned to only kiss on the mouth from watching Michael and I. She has the sweetest looking eyes (they mislead...) which melt my heart and makes me want to squeeze her. 

#3: She is stubborn as HECK!
Honestly, she NEVER listens. It gets frustrating trying to do anything with her because once she has her mind on something, nothing, not even a leash, will stop her. We tell her to get off the counter 400x's a day. We tell her to not jump on people 100x's a day. We tell her to calm down and relax 1000x's a day. We tell her to get off the sofa 500x's a day. It's all repetition with Leia, but she never gets it. I sometimes wonder if she really is related to Michael, because they're the same way ;). I tell him to put his socks away 300x's a day. I tell him to pick up his shows 600x's a day. The similarities are amazing. Anywho, even with all her stubbornness and inability to learn (more like she doesn't want to or care to learn), she is still my beautiful baby girl and I love her because she's hilarious.

I love my family and I'm so grateful to have each of them in my lives. I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate their special days and make them feel special because they are :). If you made it this far, congrats!

Even though it's not his birthday, I can't leave this little guy out:

He's huge, slobbery, barks a lot, and thinks biting is a form of showing love. Nevertheless, he is our little baby boy and we love him to pieces. Look at that face!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


So the other day, BYU had a gay student panel and now everyone is talking about it. Let me get one thing straight: I don't hate gays. I grew up around them and love the ones I know, but not because they are gay. I love the gay people I know because they are cool people. I also know some gay people I don't really like. Again, NOT because they are gay, but because they are stupid and rude. Surprisingly, I also don't really like some straight people. Not because they are straight, but because they are weird.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people talk about their sexuality like it's the only quality/characteristic they are. Here is my message to all gays who push the gay-agenda:


I don't. I never have. I don't want to know if people are gay. It's not because I hate gays or gays make me uncomfortable. It's because IT DOESN'T MATTER. Why do people make videos about being gay? Why do people have to push their gay-agenda down everyone's throats? It's like religion. I don't care what religion you are. I don't push my religion down your throats, so don't push yours down mine. I think people are annoying and self-centered. Keep your lives TO YOURSELVES. Live your life the best way possible and stop thinking that everyone wants to know about all the injustices you've been through because of something that's different about you. Just shut the hell up about it because it's making everyone think you're stupid.

If you hate me because of this, let me know. I'll get my tissues and cry about how horrible my life is because someone stupid hates me.