Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am so sick of treats.

I know. Let's pause for a second. So to celebrate the eve of my sugar fast, I decided to LOAD UP on sugar. The only thing that's coming out from this is a huge headache and stomach pain. I feel like complete crap and all I want to do is take a nap. I'm actually pretty excited to start, but whenever I really think about it, my anxiety rises. I have never realized how much food has sugar! This morning I had some delicious orange juice (thinking that I'm being so healthy) and I found out that my OJ has 21 grams of sugar in it................. poo.

I'm so freakin tired. I hate sugar. But I love funny pins:

I don't know why... but this made me laugh so hard. I think it's the sugar.

Why can't it just be March 23 already?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sugar Fast

A bunch of us at work are going to do a sugar fast starting Thursday..........................................................................................................................................................................................

Feel free to shoot me some point after Thursday.

JK, I need to see Hunger Games before you do that. Anywho, we are going to do this fast for 21 days so we'll be done 2 days before my precious movie. I'm somewhat excited about it. We're not doing it for weight stuff, (at least I'm not...) so we are going to keep natural sugars (so we can eat fruits) and bread (since we're not trying to go over board with this). But all sweets and desserts are off the menu. I think I can do it. One person doing this challenge, Courtney, thought of having a "jar of shame". So if we eat a treat, our first treat will cost a quarter. Anything after that will double. So if we're on our 3rd treat, we have to add $1. I'm hoping to become pretty rich from this, but we have a competitive group of people. My goal right now is to IV sugar into my body, but I ate something bad on Sunday and am currently on a cracker diet. So boo on that. I just ate an Oreo and I haven't run to the bathroom, so I'm hoping I can stuff my face tonight and tomorrow. Apparently people get really bad sugar withdrawals, so this should be loads of fun! I'm already in such good moods after work.

Anywho, here are some hilarious pins:

Or dogs...

I like the orange section...

Love it.

If anyone wants to join me in this sugar fast, let me know. We can all be miserable together!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Leia... oh how I love her.

I secretly wish my kids will give me something like this. It'll make my day.


I finished Hunger Games yesterday. At first I was relieved that the book was finally over because it really stressed me out to read. Then I was sad that it was over and a bit confused by the ending. When I woke up this morning, I felt a lot better and now I want to read them again! Thank goodness for a three day weekend!!!

I really liked the ending and I'm glad how everything turned out. I obviously won't talk about it, since there might be some people who haven't read it, but it's good. So read it. Now I can't wait until the movie!!

Tickets go on sale February 22. You can already guess what I'm doing that day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress and Grooming

This awesome article came out yesterday:

I sat around for a minute to digest this and all the comments that were generated. First off, the outfit is NOT honor code approved. Even if she is wearing leggings, the dress has to be down to the knees. Second, the letter the guy wrote is not mean at all. In all honesty, I expected the letter to be nasty by how the article was making it sound, but then when I read it I laughed. He politely reminds her that she signed the honor code and has agreed to live by it.

I don't think her intentions were to cause this much of a stir, but apparently no one likes the honor code. What makes me laugh is that even though they don't like it, and have a number of other schools to choose from, students still decide to come here.

Anywho, the part that really made me laugh was this part:

"KSL called the BYU Honor Code enforcement office to get a comment, but representatives there have not returned our phone calls."

Really KSL? So if you did call (like you claim), it was probably after hours. Surprisingly, the office closes at 5. If you call after 5, NO ONE WILL ANSWER. And if you leave a message, we will call you back. I just checked my messages.... 

looks like you forgot that too. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hunger Games Part 2

I need someone to help me...

I just got to the second Hunger Games book and I'm OBSESSED. I hate it when this happens. It honestly consumes my every thought. I was about to write where I stopped, but then I realized that there are people who haven't read it yet so I wont. Basically, I hate the love triangle. It drives me nuts. Why do both guys have to be so freakin awesome!? Why can't Gale be a jerk?! And why can't Peeta be less cute when he does stuff for Katniss?!

Hate it. But I can't wait to finish this thing. Until then, my mind will be on the Hunger Games station. Peace world.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hunger Games

I started reading this gem yesterday. THIS. BOOK. IS. AWESOME. The writing could be a little better. It's weird to get use to (at least for me...) since it's more loosely written versus being more structured. I'm guessing they're trying to match Kat's personality, but w/e. I love it. And I LOVE Catnip.

Freakin beast. I love how she just can't be fake in any way. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you. End of story. If she has stuff to do, she'll do it. No questions. She doesn't waste time and she puts those she loves first. I've always wanted to shoot a bow and arrow. Now I need to learn. And then there's sweet Peeta:

Last night I stopped right before the actual games start, so I don't know much about Peeta. What I do know though, is that he is a stud. I love this kid and his "relationship" with Katniss. So cute. BUT, this guy:

So yummy. So, so, yummy. Why is he dating Miley? Gross. It doesn't matter anyways since I'm married... but still, why Miley?! I really like this character. Gale. Another stud. Like I said though, I haven't read far enough so I'm not sure what type of character he becomes. So far though, I also like him with Katniss. And if he really looked like this, holy crap woman, get on it!

Just kidding.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updated Blog

I have obviously changed my blog...

I was getting tired with the old thing and wanted to jazz things up a bit. And it's also been a slower day at work... Anywho, what do you guys think? (I'm asking the 3 people that actually read this :>). <-- That last thing is a smiley. Poor weird-looking smiley.

The cute picture above is of my little Luke when he was a small puppy. How darling :).

New Title

So after much debate and thought, our friend TJ helped us come up with a new blog name!

2 1/2 FouFou's

OK, so here's the explanation. "FouFou" makes me laugh so I liked it instead of using the more generic "dogs", "paws", "tails". Also, if the title were "2 1/2 paws", it would sound like we abuse our pups. 

The other cool part is that the number works! You're all probably thinking, "I'm pretty sure this freak has 3 dogs." I do. BUT only 2 of them are pure bred. Makes sense? So it's Luke and Chewie making up the "2" and Leia making up the "1/2" since she's part Pyrenees and part Lab. I like it. 

Another funny thing about our cute little family is that all the boys (including Michael) are "pure bred" and all the females (including me) are "half breeds"! Coincidence? I think not. We all fit together like peas in a pod. 


I like that... "peas in a pod". Maybe my blog name will change. We'll see. 

In other news, I saw this article today on my Yahoo page: 

It talks about how someone called Adele "fat". Honestly, she's gorgeous AS IS. I was having some "fat" thoughts because I was eating a pudding cup... and let me just say, after I read the article, I finished my pudding cup with pride

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I had a dream....

So I just remembered a dream I had last night...

It was about writing a blog about what to name my blog. Fascinating right? But it's weird, because now I'm here writing on my blog about what to name my blog. Can't you tell that I'm losing it?  I think this tired thing is really getting to me. I've noticed that I tend to stare off into my computer screen with my mouth hanging open. Maybe I should go home and sleep? I wish.

Anywho, I really do need to rename my bloggy. The title is in reference to my (then) two dogs... but one tail has been added to the mix. Now I need a title that has a dog reference with something that includes "three". Here are some of the things I brainstormed at work (with the help of some co-workers):

1. May the Bark be with You
2. The Triple Threat
3. Tri-Paw
4. Galactic Trio
5. Woof, Woof, Woof
6. The Wag Attack
7. Paw-some

Anywho, I need some more suggestions because my brain is close to shutting down.

I Think I'm Sick

Honestly, I'm exhausted ALL the time. At first I thought it was because I wasn't sleeping well, but I realized that my sleeping schedule hasn't changed too drastically. Ya, I lose about 3 or 4 hours every now and again, but not to the point where I should be feeling like this. I feel really drowsy all the time. It's like my head is filled with water so I can't focus well. I've seen this affecting my work the most. I usually don't feel tired once I get to work, but now I feel like I'm about to pass out every couple hours. I'm kinda worried it's mono.... but I had it in high school so I'm not sure if it's really common to get it again (and if I do have it, Michael will have some explaining to do....). Anywho, I'm tired and I don't like it.

Pinterest funnies:

I thought this was really cute. If only Michael and I had iPhones.

Story of my life.

I dedicate this to all nerds. Please get off the crack.

Here is the site for the entire thing:

I like the Nutella part. And the nails. Braiding makes my arms hurt.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Yup, it's the nutella cheesecake again. I made this sucker over the weekend, and it was freakin good. It could have been better though... I didn't actually try and measure any of the ingredients out. I just thought, "Hey, just put an obscene amount of nutella in the mix and it'll be good." So I did. And it was awesome. But kind of nutellaish. Anywho, I also made the crust, and got whipped cream for the top, but my nutella cheesecake didn't look ANYTHING like this.  I tried to make it nice, but gave up as soon as the oreo crust refuse to leave my serving spoon. So I just mixed it together. W/e, it all goes to the same place, no need to make it fancy.

Remember that tally I was keeping of my "running" in the morning? That's done. Since Michael doesn't want to get up with me in the morning, I decided that I'm safer under my covers. BUT! this morning I woke up and did a work out in my basement. NBD. I'm pretty sure I slept through most of it though.... :/

And now I'm really tired. Leia kept itching herself last night, so she woke me up about 6 times. I threw pillows at her to make her stop, but I don't even think throwing bricks would make her stop. Freakin dog.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wonder Woman

I just heard of this new thing that I'm going to be trying this next week:


I just posted a thing about how Michael cooks all the time (and I seriously mean ALL the time), so I wanted to look less lazy by trying this thing out. Apparently you can make delicious food straight from your kitchen! Who knew...

I have three recipes that I'm going to try:

#1: Simple Sloppy Joes
#2: Crock Pot Barbeque Roast
#3: Crock Pot Cranberry Turkey Breast 

The ingredients are few and the instructions are simple (especially the crock pot stuff). I found this one website that's pretty cool:

When you go on, it asks you what your food preferences are and then gives you a list of all the recipes that include your favorite foods. You compile a list of 3 recipes you want to use for the week and then it generates a grocery list (with the amounts you need of each thing)! You can add all the normal stuff like milk and bread and it will add it. It makes grocery shopping SO MUCH EASIER. I really really like the website, but it costs money. And when things cost money, I automatically don't like them. JK. I love it. I'm going to try and beg Michael to do it... 

So if you're reading this sweetheart, we should get it! So that I can make you yummy, cheap food!