Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Title

So after much debate and thought, our friend TJ helped us come up with a new blog name!

2 1/2 FouFou's

OK, so here's the explanation. "FouFou" makes me laugh so I liked it instead of using the more generic "dogs", "paws", "tails". Also, if the title were "2 1/2 paws", it would sound like we abuse our pups. 

The other cool part is that the number works! You're all probably thinking, "I'm pretty sure this freak has 3 dogs." I do. BUT only 2 of them are pure bred. Makes sense? So it's Luke and Chewie making up the "2" and Leia making up the "1/2" since she's part Pyrenees and part Lab. I like it. 

Another funny thing about our cute little family is that all the boys (including Michael) are "pure bred" and all the females (including me) are "half breeds"! Coincidence? I think not. We all fit together like peas in a pod. 


I like that... "peas in a pod". Maybe my blog name will change. We'll see. 

In other news, I saw this article today on my Yahoo page: 

It talks about how someone called Adele "fat". Honestly, she's gorgeous AS IS. I was having some "fat" thoughts because I was eating a pudding cup... and let me just say, after I read the article, I finished my pudding cup with pride

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  1. Ignore my comment on your other post... I saw this AFTER I commented on that one.

    Love it!!