Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I had a dream....

So I just remembered a dream I had last night...

It was about writing a blog about what to name my blog. Fascinating right? But it's weird, because now I'm here writing on my blog about what to name my blog. Can't you tell that I'm losing it?  I think this tired thing is really getting to me. I've noticed that I tend to stare off into my computer screen with my mouth hanging open. Maybe I should go home and sleep? I wish.

Anywho, I really do need to rename my bloggy. The title is in reference to my (then) two dogs... but one tail has been added to the mix. Now I need a title that has a dog reference with something that includes "three". Here are some of the things I brainstormed at work (with the help of some co-workers):

1. May the Bark be with You
2. The Triple Threat
3. Tri-Paw
4. Galactic Trio
5. Woof, Woof, Woof
6. The Wag Attack
7. Paw-some

Anywho, I need some more suggestions because my brain is close to shutting down.