Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress and Grooming

This awesome article came out yesterday:

I sat around for a minute to digest this and all the comments that were generated. First off, the outfit is NOT honor code approved. Even if she is wearing leggings, the dress has to be down to the knees. Second, the letter the guy wrote is not mean at all. In all honesty, I expected the letter to be nasty by how the article was making it sound, but then when I read it I laughed. He politely reminds her that she signed the honor code and has agreed to live by it.

I don't think her intentions were to cause this much of a stir, but apparently no one likes the honor code. What makes me laugh is that even though they don't like it, and have a number of other schools to choose from, students still decide to come here.

Anywho, the part that really made me laugh was this part:

"KSL called the BYU Honor Code enforcement office to get a comment, but representatives there have not returned our phone calls."

Really KSL? So if you did call (like you claim), it was probably after hours. Surprisingly, the office closes at 5. If you call after 5, NO ONE WILL ANSWER. And if you leave a message, we will call you back. I just checked my messages.... 

looks like you forgot that too. 


  1. Her outfit isn't appropriate for church, but no one wants to say it out loud. It is to short, leggings or tights don't make your dress long enough...
    You should call KSL out...

  2. Paola! Thank you. I totally agree with you. I didn't think the letter was rude at all and too many people believe that leggings count, which they don't.

  3. This story boggles my mind. I get rather annoyed at all the people who sign the agreement to adhere to the honor code, then try to "bend the rules" to accommodate them. I don't think her outfit is shocking or incredibly revealing, but the fact is - she agreed to dress a certain way and that is NOT it - period. the end.
    I never had any desire to go to BYU and one of the reasons why is because I don't like being TOLD what I HAVE to do. (I'm a little stubborn that way) I do LOVE BYU sports though... If you don't wand to live the code, do go to the school. DUH!!!!

    As a side note - I'd love to see us have a frank conversation with the YW regarding FtSoY dress standards. Point out clearly and with no question what church dress standard are. (length of dresses/skirts... that legging do NOT make it ok... and STRONGLY encourage them to live it. then they'll never have a problem, regardless of where they decide to go to school.