Friday, April 27, 2012


No, this isn't about Michael again. I went to the dentist this morning because my teeth have been hurting and Michael keeps telling me that some of my teeth have cavities...

Well, now it's confirmed. I have 2 cavities. I've NEVER had cavities. I actually took pride in how perfect and beautiful my teeth were. Now two of my teeth decide to kick me in the mouth and go all rotten on me. Luckily though, the cavities are on my back wisdom teeth, so instead of filling them and getting all gassed up, I'm just going to get them pulled out!

My appointment is on Monday and I expect to be back into work on Wednesday. They said that my wisdom teeth were already completely out and there is no infection by the gums so the procedure should be very simple. I was going to wait until next weekend, but my sister-in-law gets married then and I'd rather not have a puffy face for all the pictures. And I want to eat her cake. Cake = more important than wisdom teeth. I requested to not have any gas given to me because I would rather avoid any loopiness (especially after Micheal's little adventure Wednesday).

Anywho, while I was getting my teeth cleaned, the doctor asked if my husband was Michael Black. I replied, "Yes. He was here earlier this week." The dentist then told me that he remembered him well and then the rest of the staff started telling me weird things he was doing and how he "made their day". Apparently he was flailing his arms around and kept sticking his tongue out and wiggling it at people.

I should stick a camera on Michael from now on.

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  1. i got my wisdom tooth (i only had one) pulled out before my mission. it was similar to yours. already completely out, gums were fine, i didn't get gassed, they yanked it out, i was eating normal food that night and never got puffy. i hope it goes just as easily for you!