Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving Day T-3 days

3 more days until we drive out of Utah!

Things I still need to do:
- Finish packing things the movers can't pack
- Clean everything/everywhere (except for 2/3 bedrooms)
- Pack the dog's food and water
- Call the rental place to let them know we're coming early
- Call our current renter to come check our place
- Pick up dog poop
- Clean out garage
- Do a final load of laundry
- Work 8 more hours for my part-time job
- Get our car checked/fixed (the brakes have been making weird noises)
- Find people to take our food that we can't take
- Eat a TON of chicken

.... and it goes on. I keep making little lists, but they keep getting bigger so I throw them away to make news ones. And then I lose them. So I make other lists to keep track of my lists. And then I sit at home and eat because I don't know how else to cope with my migraines. I want to get started on the cleaning because I know that will take the longest. I cleaned 2 bedrooms and I cleaned our 2nd bathroom (Michael said it still looks dirty... what does he know), and it took me 3 1/2 hours! I can't even imagine what the rest of the house (which includes our bedroom, bathroom, closet, hallway, main living room, kitchen, lower living room, storage closet, laundry room, and garage) will take. Whatever... some miracle will happen, I'm sure of it...

Anywho, on Sunday I started shaving Chewy (he has like 3 layers of really thick fur) and our hair buzzer thing broke because of all the hair he has. We only got about half way so for about a day he looked like he had a mohawk. We finally finished shaving him yesterday, and he looks ridiculous. We left his legs furry and his head furry, so he kind of has the lion effect going on. We had to buy some sunscreen also, because the big guy has sensitive skin (which has never been exposed to the sun). On some places I shaved too close... so he has some red marks. He's set for Arkansas though, so maybe he'll be happy with me once he feels how hot it can get there.

I'll post pictures later.


  1. if there's any food items that you need to get ride of that we can hold onto until camp... I WANT THEM!

    (if you need help cleaning, and want to pay girls to clean, I can try to get a few over there that still need to earn some money - let me know.

    We didn't have lots of boxes at Bountiful baskets this week, but I did drop off a few,

  2. I need to get your tupperware to you! Can I drop it off before I go to a meeting tomorrow night at 7??? I'm sad you guys are leaving. :(

  3. We will miss you!!! Let me know if there's anything you need!