Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post Operation


But not that bad actually. The pain medication does a great job helping me feel better. The problem is, I keep getting sucked into this false security of feeling that my mouth doesn't hurt anymore, but after the drugs wear off, the pain comes back and I remember that I have to keep taking my meds. I thought I would feel almost 100% today, but there isn't much improvement from yesterday. Monday was probably the worst pain, but I kept taking my meds so I just slept most of Monday. Tuesday was nice because I had sleeping/waking intervals. I would sleep for 2 hours then be awake for 2 hours. Why can't every day be like that?

JK, that would be extremely boring. Anywho, the operation went off without any bumps. My back right tooth snapped in half while they were trying to get it out (the sound really freaked me out...), so they had to cut into my gum to take out the roots. Apart from that, I didn't really swell. It's weird feeling the holes in the back of my mouth. I keep tasting blood, so that's getting old... and I'm tired of eating applesauce.

The meds make me a little loopy and really tired, so I'm hoping I can fight through it for work. It would be kind of awkward if I started mumbling weird things to any students that come in...

I was looking at Michael's facebook, and this picture caught my eye:

This is my tender, little Luke. This picture makes me want to punch things. He is so cute. My puhpuh's were great companions the past couple days... so I'm grateful for the time Luke spent to snuggle up with me. He's my little cuddle bug.

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