Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheward the 3rd

Last Sunday, my baby boy Chew-Chew celebrated his first birthday! My big chug had a fun little party with just his brother and sister (since we don't really know any of the neighbor dogs, and also because Chewy is about 80% bigger than them...). I baked him an awesome peanut butter cake and they were all able to eat some soft food instead of their regular hard food. I bathed him in kisses (mainly because I can't get him in the bathtub to save my life... or I would have actually bathed him) and showered him in affection. He obviously only cared about the cool new food part, but I also know that deep down my baby chug feels loved. For Luke and Leia's birthday I did a "three things you love about them", so here is Chewy's list:

#1. He is protective of his mommy.
Nothing flatters me more than watching him crowd around me at the dog park and growl at any dogs that come near me. He also does that to Luke and Leia... but that's more annoying than cute. But what can I say? The baby boy loves his mommy!

(Ignore Luke... he didn't understand what "move" meant)

#2. He's fat.
I just love how chunky he is. I think that's what makes him so stinking cute: he's fat and he's proud. I love watching him on walks because even though he's big, he trots when he walks. It's the funniest thing. And he's so proper when he does it. He lifts his tail up in the air and his huge paws are just trotting up the road. He pulls... but we're still working on that.

#3. He's hilarious.
Out of the three, he's the funniest to watch. My favorite thing is when his flappy cheek gets stuck on a tooth so he looks like he's half growling. Sometimes he'll just stare at me that way and I just have a laughing fit because of how silly he looks. He's also a menace to Leia. Everyday when I get home and let them in, him and Leia deck it out. She'll jump on our bed and Chewy will just stand in front of her and bark. He'll do that until she reacts and when she does, he usually runs away and slams into something. A couple of times that "something" was me... but you just learn to live with 100+ pounds being thrown at you.

I love my Chew and I'm grateful that he is my baby boy to love and to squeeze. 

 Baby Boy

 His awesome cake. I tried it... it tasted like crap.

 A true candid of our life. Leia is ALWAYS in my face, Luke is doing his own thing, and Chewy is just like "When can I have my cake mom?"

He's being such a patient boy while Mommy wastes time with pictures.

I, of course, had to emasculate him with an awesome and pretty blue twisty thing! 

Luckily no one was hurt or injured during the consumption of cake.


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  1. Even if the cake was gross to you, did he like it at least? Also, I LOVE when aspen's lips get caught on his teeth. Funniest thing ever. When he's impatient waiting for something, he'll open and close his mouth so we make him wait on purpose so that we can try to get his lips stuck on his teeth. So great. :)