Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wells Fargo

This isn't about them... at least not completely. They've just been on my mind so often, I thought I'd dedicate my hate to them.

Anywho, the other day I scheduled Luke and Leia to get their yearly shots, and for some reason I scheduled it for the same day and time. Chewy can't be left by himself, so instead of rescheduling, I decided that I should just take all of them. By myself. Smart right?

On my list of brilliant ideas... taking them ALL to the vets by myself was on the bottom. Of the stupid idea list. I had to have the staff help me bring them in and hold them while I ran and tried to either pull or pick up one of the others. Leia and Chewy peed on my vet and her assistant while Luke was all like "OH MY GOSH PEOPLE! OH MY GOSH FLOOR! OH MY GOSH A DOOR STOPPER! I LOVE ALL THINGS!"

I'm not sure who he resembles more, but his love for life and everything in it is not a trait in our family. At least not my side. Basically, now I've learned that if they need to get shots, I need to make three separate appointments. I love them, but it's times like these where I'm just like "WHY IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE THREE LARGE DOGS?!"

I love them though... and I want more.

News on the house:

WE FINALLY SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm absolutely kidding. They cleared us to close last Monday (this is the second time they have said this) and then called us later saying that they needed ONE MORE THING. You know what they need? My foot shoved up...

I'll stop. But seriously, I HATE WELLS FARGO. I had a dream about burning their building down. I watched as it burned, but my dream didn't go into any more detail. Darn. You know it's starting to get bad if you're dreaming about burning their buildings to the ground. The relo company that owns the house said that if we didn't close by last week, that they would put the house on the market again. Our agent called and asked them to extend it and they agreed if we moved to a different bank. Which we did, on Friday. We moved our loan over to Bank of Arkansas and they said they should have everything done by next Saturday. I don't know whether to believe them or not, but the lady we were working with said that she had to take a case from Wells Fargo only that morning as well. I spoke to our agent today (we went to see the house to measure for a fridge. It's still as beautiful as I remember it) and she said that she's heard countless stories of Wells Fargo customers leaving because of their inability to handle mortgages. I'm not surprised. Our agent said that she's going to announce to the 300+ agents in her company to not work with Wells Fargo.

I smiled when I heard that. They just lost a lot of business in NW Arkansas and I just can't feel but a little responsible :). I hope their buildings burn.

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