Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday

I thought this picture would be an appropriate way to start off this blog post:

Still rockin' the pinterest... Anywho, so apart from pinning, working, puppying, and loving the hubs, I had a co-ed basketball game yesterday.  I went into the game thinking that I was relatively in shape. Ya I haven't been keeping my daily regime like I use to (pre-puppies), but I at least went running about 2x a week. Anywho, so I start the game and 5 minutes into it I start to get winded. After another 5 minutes I'm calling in for a sub.... basically, a picture is worth a thousand words:

We won though, so screw you lungs and cramped legs.

Apart from that good news, it's finally FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been pretty tough, partially because I have my part-time job which I do after I get home from BYU and finish around 11ish. I'm just tired, and this weekend I am going to SLEEP, so help me. I also plan on making some fun crafts. I'm not very crafty (mainly because I feel that the things I make are ugly), but I do like the "idea" of getting nice things for the house at a fraction of the cost. On pinterest, I found some fun ideas that seem relatively easy and retard-proof:

I like the idea of these pillows... and I like the burlap. The problem is, we have dogs so we need to find material that is virtually indestructible. What I would really like to do with these is make a ton of average-sized pillows and then combine them to make a VERY large pillow. Maybe.
This seems pretty easy... I mean all you need are sticks, glue, and a round mirror. I can have Luke and Leia help me find the sticks (if Luke doesn't destroy them too bad... but maybe the destroyed look will be cool? I don't know...) and then I can get a glue gun or something. Or borrow one. Someone in my ward should have a glue gun.

This is something I want to make right away. All we would need are frames! (which can be kind of expensive...). W/e, this seems easy and I could DEFINITELY do it. All I would really need is for the dogs to sit still long enough.

Building a dog house would definitely take more time... but I think it would be something so cool to make! I would LOVE to have one with two floors and little separate rooms for each dog to relax in. The guy that built this house said it weighed about 900lbs when he was done... so maybe my duplex/multiple room dog house might not be a good idea until we actually have a place where we'll be for a while. Poop.

Speaking about poop, I saw this funny shirt and wished they made it for dogs...

maybe if I make a little insert for the tail??

Last, but not least, I found this picture yesterday and I laughed till my sides hurt:

story of my life. 

I ordered sweaters for my dogs so I'm dying of anticipation....................................... hopefully we get the camera fixed before then.

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