Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So for everyone that knows me, I'm kinda prideful about my awesome state: Maryland. (and by kinda, I mean extremely). I remember my friend Ryan told me freshman year that there are people from California, people from Texas, and then me (in reference to annoying people who talk about their state all the time). In the last couple days, I've had some time to reminisce about how amazing my state is, and how much I freakin miss it. Here are some things that are awesome about my beloved state:

#1: My flag is constantly voted the prettiest flag

 And you can see why... it's not boring and it's super colorful.

#2: It has one of the most unique shapes

#3: Washington DC is on Maryland land

#4: The cherry blossoms are the prettiest

#5: It's green and beautiful vs. dry and ugly

#6: Jousting and Lacrosse are the state sports

#7: It's extremely diverse 

#8: The state dog is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (love them)

#9: The DC Temple is the best, most beautiful temple

#10: Kevin Durant is from MD

I would LOVE a tattoo like this... 

#11: UMD football uniforms are amazing in every way 

I would wear shoes like this everyday

I would wear clothes like this everyday

Anywho, you get my point: Maryland is better than your state. It's funny how pride can change with distance. When I was home, I liked everything about MD but I had no reason to brag since everyone around me understood. Now that I've been in Utah, I need to constantly remind people of how great it is and how unlucky they are for not being part of it. I kind of feel the same way about BYU. Whenever we leave the Provo area and go somewhere predominantly not Mormon (which is everywhere outside of Utah), my BYU pride swells up. Pride is a funny thing, but one this is for sure, I love me some Terps and Cougars.


  1. you make me laugh. did i ever tell you that i did a state report on maryland when i was in... 3rd grade? i think it was 3rd. anyway, i loved the flag. my sister sketched it out for me and i got to color it. it's the only state flag i can recognize with no hints. except for utah's - but that's just because it has a beehive on it. (:

  2. My brother and his wife live in Baltimore now and they have fallen in love. They want to stay in Maryland even after they graduate from grad school.

  3. I want to live out there... but Michael doesn't really like it. He's just jealous because Arkansas can't compare. Poor guy.