Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weddings, and more weddings!

So for the past 3 weekends, Michael and I have had the beautiful blessing of attending weddings! The first weekend was Steve Harris' wedding to Heidi :). We were invited to attend the temple sealing, but they set their date the SAME day as my graduation.... so we couldn't go. We were able to get to their reception though, and it was beautiful. Steve and Heidi (poor guys) stood in their "waiting line" (I don't know what the official term is...) and we were able to wait and give our congratulations. It was so nice, and I obviously cried like the little baby I am. I was also able to finally meet Steve's parents! The party was fun with delicious desserts and fun party guests: Tyler and Rachel.

 Speaking about Tyler and Rachel, that lovely couple got married the next weekend! They had a cool reception in the skyroom. We accidentally sat on the brides side (which I guess doesn't matter since we know her too...) in what Michael and I called the "loser table" because no one but another random guy sat with us. Their ceremony included more "ceremony" since a lot of Rachel's relatives weren't members. Now that I look back at Michael and mine's wedding, we probably should have done something similar... but anyways, it was so cute to watch and to have them do the ring ceremony for everyone. Obviously, I cried again. I don't even know why I mention it, it's like saying the sky is blue. Anywho, the food was awesome and I was excited for the dancing, but Michael reminded me that we were old married folk, and we suck at dancing.

Last, but not least, this past weekend we got to see Mickelle, Michael's good friend from Arkansas, get married. The party was so beautifully decorated and they also had awesome food. Basically, if there is any food, I'll have a good time. Anywho, we sat and talked to some of Michael's old friends and I was grateful to meet them. They were a funny bunch and we sat around and made funny jokes. We got to watch them cut the cake and do the dancing thing. I found out that Mickelle's husband's family is deaf! I desperately wanted to use some of my ASL, but I haven't practiced in a long time so I decided to spare them and myself. I did enjoy watching the translator and catching things that I remembered learning.

Anywho, school started for poor Michael but to keep me busy I applied for a part-time Linguistics job (on top of my full-time BYU job and my tutoring) and I got it!!!!!!!!!! I am more than excited to start my part-time job and to actually use skills I worked so hard to develop! I like making money (especially if I can spoil my pups), but now I can hone my skills and put something cool on my resume.

Life is good and we are blessed :)

PS. My pups turned 5 months yesterday!!!! Also, my poor baby Luke had a swollen eye! I'm not sure if it's because of Leia, or because of allergies.... but it broke my heart whenever he looked at me. I wanted to run him to the vet but Michael kept me at bay....

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