Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am finally an alumnus of BYU :D. I like to thank the Linguistics department for offering me a degree from their department, and for all the support I have had from family and friends. Graduation was pretty exciting to sit through and I probably was going to cry 23899384 times. Thursday was the commencement where all the August graduates gathered together. Friday was convocation for each college so the group was significantly smaller which I liked because it made it more personal. Below are some pictures from both days :)

Thursday Commencement 

I'm not pregnant...

 My future graduate :)

Friday Convocation

 My mom bought me beautiful flowers :)

 Walking across the stage!

My BYU experience has been so fun thanks to all my amazing friends. Freshman year was hilarious and so fun (shout out to: Ryry, Tyty, SteeStee, Andrew, and a whole lot of other crazy losers). Yes, our nicknames were retarded, but so were we. We had some hilarious times together... too many to even tell. Sophomore year was pretty awesome as well, but lonely since 90% of my freshman friends were gone. I was lucky enough to have some amazing roommates though and to have met one of my best friends, Emily! Also, sophomore year was when I met my amazing and hunky husband, Michael Black <3. Junior year was filled with new experiences such as dealing with a new roommate (a more permanent one) and focusing on my major classes instead of generals. And finally, senior year was full of exciting new things like moving, seeing the "light" at the end of the tunnel, and adopting Luke and Leia! It will be interesting to go without homework, but it won't be too different since I still work at BYU. I'm excited for what comes, especially when I get to start my master's degree. We don't have set plans yet, but I'm definitely applying to get a master's in communication disorders and eventually start a career in Speech Therapy. But like we've learned, life doesn't follow what you plan for it to follow, so I'm just excited to start this next year as a graduate and bread winner :).

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