Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Babies

So I was sitting around looking at old pictures of my dogs and realized, "Holy crap, they've grown!" I know, genius right? I'm not actually that retarded, I know they've grown, but it freakin looks like they exploded. I still remember when we got Leia, Michael was able to carry her with his hand. Now it takes some leg muscles to get her up, if she's not squirming and kicking with her (very!!) powerful legs. And Luke just doesn't really care if we pick him up, but now it hurts more when he bites (he likes to eat hair...).


 He looks more tan now... my dog can get tanner than me. Freakin-a.

 So cuddly and fluffy!

Giant Beast.

 Rough housing as puppies isn't that scary...

 now we need to clear the room...

And to think, they're not even 5 months yet. My babies are now lean, mean, barking machines!


  1. ho. ly. cow. they are huge. and i still haven't seen them! ): but i'm happy to see pictures. (:

  2. so we were walking yesterday and luke jumped on a big lab... the poor lab didn't know what to do with the little guy. i'm guessing they are ready to meet your giants :) play date soon?