Thursday, August 4, 2011

The New Blog

We started a blog! (and by we... I mean me). So starting a blog was a bit of a challenge because I wasn't up for updating it, but finally I decided that it was the easiest and fastest way to show off my beautiful family :). Michael and I recently adopted 2 beautiful puppies (great pyr mix and a golden retriever). If anyone even brings up the topic of dogs (or anything remotely close- and the definition for remotely is very broad...) then I'll start talking about them. Am I one of those crazy dog freaks? Yes. No question. Are my dogs cute enough to freak out about? Duh.

Anyways, apart from talking about the dogs, I thought using a blog would be an appropriate way to share Michael and my lovely, crazy life. So much goes on... and the thing that rocks is that all the stuff we do is tied to the dogs. Win-Win.

So to keep everyone updated, my younger sister (Ale) is in town and has been for the past week 1/2. The first week she was just relaxing and hanging out with us and then this week was devoted to volleyball camp. She loved it :), but is always exhausted haha. Poor thing is DRENCHED when we pick her up... and we always have to drive with the windows down (self-explanatory). This Sunday my mom is coming for a week as well :). I'm really happy to have my family around since I don't really get to see them except for holidays (and usually only one holiday since Michael and I aren't rich yet [Michael is working on that ;)]). I walk next Friday which I am more than excited about. I graduated back in Spring, but I feel like it will finally be official when I walk across the stage and I have the grad clothing (smock?) on. And the hat... the hat really makes or breaks the outfit. I hope I don't cry, but honestly I'm the biggest baby so I'll probably slip and fall and break my neck from crying so much while I'm making my way across the stage (and if you don't know me, I exaggerate ALL the time... and I just did it again).

Another thing that has been keeping us busy (and by us I mean me again) is that I started my full-time job at BYU this past Monday! It has been such a blessing getting this job. I'm so grateful because my co-workers are hilarious and such fun people to be around. My job is complicated and I have a lot to memorize and learn, but I'm ready for the challenge.

Anywho, life is great and I'm excited to get this blog working :). Oh, and if anyone has a cute puppy they don't want... just drop it off at my house.


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  1. Oh Paola, I miss talking to you through our linguistics and tesol classes, I think your blog is hilarious and so you, and I hope you don't mind that I'm stalking you :)