Friday, August 5, 2011

Things Happen

Ok so today was a little crazier than usual...

Story #1:
So like I mentioned in the other post, I've been trying to find the stupid camera cord. As you can see lower in the post there are pictures so you might think, "oh cool, she found it". No. I didn't. I looked EVERYWHERE in the house and got pretty creative with some of my reasoning on why I looked in some places (behind the toilet maybe? I probably dropped it right before using the bathroom?). Well, after looking for a while and getting more and more frustrated, Michael comes to me and our conversation goes as follows:

Michael: "Hey, you know how the camera has a memory card?"
Me: "Ya, and?"
Michael: "Well... you know that the laptop has a place to put memory cards right?"
Me: "Are you kidding..."
Ale: "You're retarded"

Both were seated during the conversation watching me look for it without saying a word (Michael did get up to check his backpack so I'll give him credit there). So now I know, screw the lost camera cord and thank goodness for freakin technology updates.

Ok, so story one was just a nice little example of my life. This next story is funny/awesome/i wish it happened more often.

So I'm at work and I'm sitting around doing paperwork. I hear my phone ring and I notice it's Michael. I get happy because I get to take a few minutes to talk to him (I like to hear from him during the day). So we're talking and he asks me about my day, I give my response that it's good, and then he asks me if I know a Sherie Henry. I was like, "What? No... why?". So I'm thinking maybe it's a neighbor just being weird, but then Michael says this: (please read carefully because I'm not lying) "We got a package today from this person and it has a Nook Color, a memory card for the Nook, and and IPAD."

I about passed out.

So at first I'm thinking, "Stupid Sherie sent it to the wrong house and now we have to be teased by things we'll never be able to afford". But then Michael says, "The address has your name and inside has your cell number. Do you know anyone in Atlanta, Georgia?". Now I'm really getting freaked out and wondering who the heck would send me something like that? Especially since it's not Christmas or my Birthday (which many people consider one in the same since they're only a couple days apart.... note to friends and family: I don't like the "combined gift"). I sound greedy, so sorry. I mean to say, "Oh I love getting one present for two holidays...". Anywho, NOT THE POINT. The point of this story is that I received a NOOK COLOR and an IPAD in the mail. So Michael said that he'll investigate and call me back after tracking where the package came from. UPDATE: the beautiful present that I got was from my beautiful and amazing mother :). She's awesome and the most wonderful person in the world. She sacrifices everything for her family and I'm so grateful to have her as my mother. I'm blessed :). 

Those are the happenings of August 5th. I mean, what would you do if awesome things like that came in the mail?

Apart from that, below are some updated pictures of the famfam:

We went hiking around Payson Lake and Leia went really close to the edge of these stairs that led into the water and I guess she just didn't realize that she had to stop... so she fell in and we had wet dog smell the rest of the day. yay...

My dogs are kinda wimpy when it comes to hiking, which is nice because they get worn out after hikes :).

Happy and Wet

A really nice waterfall around Payson

So cute... that's where they hide when I'm vacuuming. Leia gets terrified when I open the door where the vacuum is stored... poor thing.

This is hilarious. This is the same face and pose they do everytime they think they're getting a treat. They think that if they sit and be as still as a rock that they'll be fed... hopefully it'll stick until they're older.

We like to torture our babies.

Poor Luke never knows what to do so he'll start nipping at Michael's hair (he likes to eat hair. and anything that seems remotely edible- so everything but poop).

 Luke barking at the other dog in the room (his reflection).

Luke making sure that "other dog" is at bay and sitting.

Keeping guard... you never know when that "other dog" might attack.

The house can get pretty cool, but our room never really does. I was starting to think that our vents weren't working and then came upon this scene... 

haha, I just thought this was funny. She's always trying to lick the camera whenever I start to take pictures. 

My guard dog keeping the house safe. It's so cute because he hasn't realized that it's his reflection. Leia has. So she sometimes just stops and looks at herself and then moves on. 


  1. Paola, your puppies are adorable! Our pup never looked at himself in the mirror, so no barks. We sure love him though even if we tease him sometimes. Looks like you do the same.

  2. You have an iPad!! Welcome to the ranks of people with .. iPads. That would freak me out. I don't like receiving anything from an unknown source.. the good news is that if you DO blow up at least you'll be going out in style.
    Haha puppies are hilarious. We set our mirror down sideways for our friends little flop and she ran back and forth barking trying to outsmart the "other dog".