Monday, August 8, 2011

Dog Farm

Like promised, I am going to list all the dogs that I will own (Michael might not be aware of this list yet):

St. Bernard
If you tell me this isn't cute, I'm going to punch you.

Bernese Mountain Dog
What more can I say? They're beautiful. And fluffy. But they don't live a long time... sad day.

I can't take the overwhelming fluffiness.

Great Dane
Not fluffy, but beautiful and big.

English Mastiff
Huge, yes. Might kill me if they sat on me, yes. Love it, yes.

Great Pyrenees
Leia is half this... but I want a purebred. Again, it's fluffy. 

Tibetan Mastiff
I love the lion look.

I would name it Lasie.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
It's like a berner (bernese mountain dog), but not fluffy. Still cute.

 I don't know what it is about these dogs, but they intrigue me so much.

It's a cotton ball. Period.
Border Collie
 Just look at that precious face. If a border collie were a person, they would have a cowboy hat. Sexy. (hint hint Michael)

So beautiful.
Siberian Husky
 We actually had a husky for about 1.2 days. They're very aggressive players so Luke and Leia weren't having it... next time.

Is it so wrong to want 109283157925 puppies? I think not.

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