Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seven Peaks

Today was the ever eventful day of waiting in lines, getting my feet burned, and paying out-of-the-butt for a day at Seven Peaks. Actually, we didn't really pay out-of-the-butt since we got that deal... but Michael, Ale, and I are really upset at how Seven Peaks charges for every little thing they can. For one thing, they freakin charge for tubes... I think they have 2 rides that DON'T need tubes. All the other amusement parks I've been too have never charged me for tubes, but Seven Peaks does. They also charge $6 for a stupid locker... where in other places you just pay a quarter per hour (or something like that). They also charge to use their chairs... I'm honestly surprised that they don't charge for using the bathroom, or picking wedgies (which you get plenty of). Anywho, next time we know that there WONT be a next time.

Here are some pictures of our adventures:

Seven Peaks Tower

There was a wait before we got in... We were planning on arriving around 10 but lagged a little and got there at 11. Good thing we did because apparently the park doesn't open it's gate for "one day pass" ticket holders until 11. Yay for us.

We were so happy, until we got in there and saw how much they rip people off. 

Slides! We went on most of them, but Michael went on that nasty orange one by himself (I wasn't up for having my swimsuit logged up my butt again).

My sexy companions. The wave pool was cool, except we kept getting bothered by these stupid little girls. They kept asking us questions about ourselves... I told them to shut up and go away after a while (I said it without the intention of them hearing) but they went away after that. Yay again. 

I apparently find the floor more fascinating. Winning. 

 I look like an old lady with my towel...

The "tube" picture I wanted really badly. Ale is on the bottom, I'm in the middle, and Michael is on the top. Awesome, I know. 

I call this: Tan & Pale

My little sister Ale.

Yes, she's cooler than me.

I LOVE dippin' dots. I was actually craving them the other day and was really sad because Utah doesn't have them anywhere (at least to my knowledge).


I have this condition where I get more white with sun. Curse my genetics. 

THIS. RIDE. IS. AWESOME. It's called the Boomerang. So usually most people don't reach the sides of this ride... but Michael, Ale, and I were an INCH away from falling off every time we did this ride. I exaggerate all the time, but I'm not this time. I would start out this ride screaming and then laughing hysterically because I was always surprised that we survived. 

Just for kicks. Stupid bloodsuckers. 

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