Friday, August 5, 2011

I want to put up new pictures

We have so many pictures in our camera that I would like to put up, but I can't find the stupid camera cord. It's so funny, every time we move, we almost always end up losing a ton of crap. Some crap is ok to lose, but some (like the camera cord) kinda stings later when you really need it.

Anyway, tomorrow Michael, Ale, and I are going to Seven Peaks!

I got an amazing deal from LivingSocial for all day passes, with a tube rental thingy, food, and parking all for $19/person. I can't believe they charge for tube rentals... but w/e, we got a good deal and are really excited to go. I checked the weather and it should be amazingly hot. yay.... BUT it's not going to rain so maybe I'll get a nice tan? More likely I'll burn, but I'm being optimistic since it's Friday.

Speaking about burns, poor Michael has had 2 really bad burns this summer. Poor thing, he forgets to put on sunscreen (even after I warn him). Both times I had to be a slave massager of aloe lotion. One thing we found that helps is putting ice. So if you ever have a burn, have your beloved (or roommate, or whoever you can pay) to place a constant supply of ice on your back. Works wonders.

Anywho, so the next three weeks are full of weddings, and weddings, and more weddings!!! Some of my best friends from freshmen year are getting married: Steestee Harris and Tyty Morrison. Also, one of Michael's best friends is getting married: Mickelle Bland. Basically weddings are beautiful and our friends are finally joining the ranks of boring-married-people.

We can finally all be boring together!

 DC Temple where Michael and I got married :)

And it's really nice because Steve planned his wedding on the day I walk for graduation. Gold star Steve. I guess I should blame BYU for stupidly scheduling the graduation on THEIR wedding. It's all good though, they just need to save me a piece of cake please. (and steve if you're reading this... save me a piece of cake).

Hopefully if I ever find my camera cord I'll be able to put pictures up... but for now that's about all that's happening in our lives. Tune in next time, or don't, because I plan on talking about all the dogs I want to adopt one day, and if you know me at all, then you know that'll be a LOOOOOOOOONG list.

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