Monday, August 15, 2011

Car Troubles

How unlucky am I? Let me explain:

Michael comes to pick me up from work around 5ish. By this time I am more than ready to get home and relax with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb (you can take a guess about who I'm talking about) and of course Leia (hahah jk! I meant Michael). Anywho, so I get picked up and we're talking about each others day but then I get a weird feeling and we hear this weird noise coming from our car. Michael asks me to check to see if we have a flat tire so I look out the window and to my great discovery, we had a flat tire.


So we pull to the side and park by a small apartment to try and assess the situation. We have had flat tires before so it wasn't rocket science or really that big of an issue. We get the nugget things off and then start trying to pull the tire off and IT WON'T BUDGE. It was rusted to the stupid tire thingy. Michael tried every possible way that was capable for us but the thing would not move a muscle. So here we are, sitting and wondering what to do when finally Michael does what he does best: calls his Mom. Kathy Black is probably the most knowledge person about anything. I could probably ask her what the best method to fly to the moon would be and her method would work better than anything NASA thought of. Anyways, she tells us to get some WD40 to help get the rust off, or do something in that nature. So we call Lisa, who was more than generous to help us (she's helped us with situations like this a lot... poor girl) and brought us some WD40. So we sit there and put it on and it doesn't work. Are we surprised? No. While we were waiting for Lisa, Michael called FireStone to get someone to tow our car. They said they would be there at 7:05 (it was 6:15 when we called). At 6:30 they said they would need another 30 minutes... so 7:30. Great. 

So here we are, sitting and waiting with a TON of people passing us. How many asked if we needed help? 1. And that was when we were taking the nuggets off, so pre-tirebeinggay. I was trying to think of all the good things that happened, or that could have happened. Here is my list:

1. Our car didn't blow up
2. Our tire didn't blow off the car and sending our car into a dangerous situation
3. We had a spare tire
4. We caught the tire on time
5. Large dark clouds were rolling over so it wasn't hot anymore

Oh wait... I forgot, LARGE DARK CLOUDS were rolling over us. But I actually was really happy that it wasn't hot. So after waiting for an hour and 45 minutes, the large dark clouds did exactly what we thought they would do. Pour. We had some places to go and sit under until the rain passed, but we both just kinda sat on the side of the curb getting wet. It matched my mood, and I was lazy. Well, after the little (and by little I mean a lot) rain, around 7:00 we were approached by a couple and their friend. They asked if we were their neighbors (since we conveniently parked in their neighbors parking space). We said no, and I pointed to the tire that was right next to them... anywho, they got the point and offered to help! FINALLY! One guy had a rubber mallet so while he hit the tire from behind, the other guy pulled. The tire came out in 30.56 seconds. I didn't actually time it, but it took less than a minute. I wanted to cry, and honestly, I probably did. 

Some things I learned today:
1. Always have WD40
2. We have insurance for towing
3. Always carry a rubber mallet (we bought one today)
4. Have an umbrella in the car
5. Never expect people who are taught to be generous and kind to ACTUALLY BE GENEROUS AND KIND.

Stupid kids in Provo, learn how to give aid when it's OBVIOUS that people need help.

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  1. Oh Paola, the situation and pretty much everything went wrong, but it sounds kind of hilarious to me. How could EVERYTHING go wrong?? Haha. At least now you have an entertaining story to tell your floppies. I'm assuming that you're all alive since you posted this... so Happy Monday is in order I suppose.