Monday, August 8, 2011

New Blog Name

So the other day I was sitting around thinking about what to write next on the blog when the phrase "A Tale of Two Tales" hit me. I was actually thinking about the time I sent my mom a box of chocolate strawberries for her birthday:

Last year, instead of sending flowers again, I wanted to send something special so I thought sending strawberries would be a great idea! I ordered them (without telling my mom) and waited for a call from her saying how wonderful they were. So the day finally came and I never got a call.... I thought, "oh, maybe she didn't get them". Well, she actually did. The reason she didn't call me was because she thought the box was a bomb. Yes, you read right, a BOMB. The box was just a plain brown packaging box, but my mom didn't want to open it because on the box was written the following: "Contents will disappear once box is opened" (or something like that). My mom didn't know she was receiving anything from me so she immediately thought that it was anthrax or some other type of explosive or drug. Needless to say, she was freaked out and called the number on the box to find out what pervert or freak sent her the box. The lady on the phone told her that a "Pah-ola Black" had sent it. About 5 seconds later I get a call from an hysterical mom laughing at how she reacted. She said they were amazing and that they truly did "disappear once opened". I laughed so hard... my poor mom.

Anywho, so remember a couple posts ago I said that we mysteriously got an IPAD and Nook color in the mail with no return address? Well turns out the IPAD was my graduation present from my beautiful mother :) (the Nook was for my sister... boo). It was funny because that threw us for a loop as well. I mean, I was ready to call the cops and report a missing IPAD... and I thought they would blow up. But besides that fact, it was funny because she unintentionally got back at us for the stress we caused her.

So back to the point of the title of the blog (I've been told that my conversations never stay on topic...). I was thinking of those two "tales" and then thought, "Hey, Luke and Leia have TAILS, which makes two". That's where I got the cute title (I know it's cute, please). I'm finally creative and I'll give myself credit. The blog isn't really about the dogs though, it's about everything (which is usually the dogs) but I couldn't resist.

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