Sunday, August 14, 2011

Luke and Leia's First Swim

Yesterday was pretty fun and freakin hilarious. We decided to go to Bear Lake to swim with the puppies, but unfortunately all we saw were these stupid signs:

Stupid Utah...
Anyways, after some failed attempts to find a place to swim with the dogs, we decided to go and swim in the Provo River. The day was HOT, as it usually is, but the water was freezzzzzzing. It was one of those colds where your body went numb after 2 minutes in the water. It was cold, but we still stayed. I threw Leia and Luke in the water and of course Leia hated it while Luke seemed to be having the time of his life. It was so funny to see how different they reacted. 

 My little Michael Phelps

 Freezing freakin water

 Luke ready to pounce in

 They're first swim :)

 Leia wasn't having it... poor little nun

 Luke and Leia are polar opposites when it comes to grace in the water

 Luke glides through the water (notice above) while Leia splashes very violently (notice above)

 Poor Michael. Who needs to actually get in the water when you can just stand next to Leia. She'll bring the water to you!

 Leia working her magic on my sister.

 Leia kept using Luke as a floatation device.

She smelled GREAT afterward. Love wet dog smell. (please note the sarcasm).


  1. I can't believe how big your pups are getting! Also, our dog LOVES the water, and we have found the Utah Lake is perfect, just for a heads up. We like swimming with him there too.

    And in regards to your last post, I think we are of the same heart. I almost studied ComD instead of Linguistics, because I wanted to be a speech therapist, but decided to go the Ling direction. And TESOL, of course as you did. What's your job at BYU now? I may get my masters in TESOL eventually, though I think I'd still love the ComD route.

  2. they're so big! not puppies anymore! i'm so sad i never saw them in the puppy stage. they're still cute though! and congratulations on graduating!