Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been kinda moody today (if you ask Michael he might laugh and say that I'm moody all the time). But today I just feel weird. I guess this whole week as been weird really. Well not weird, just off.

So Sunday started with a blast... literally. Well Conference was actually amazing, but Michael and I both got the stomach flu. Michael got sick before I did, and his sickness was a lot more violent (note the word blast at the beginning).

Basically this... but not rainbows. 

My poor baby hubs had this little episode happen a couple times during the night. I was feeling fine, even after hearing him wretch in the bathroom, until around midnight that same night. My stomach was pretty upset, but I just tried to ignore it. Well let me tell you, if your stomach has something to say, it'll say it. And so I had my face time with the toilet later that night. The next morning, Michael felt pretty bad still but he was done with all the nasty stuff. I felt like I got hit by a bus. My entire body was extremely sore and achy. Basically Monday was spent sleeping, waking up delusional, falling back asleep, waking up to eat a cracker, and sleeping. 

Tuesday was a little different... Michael was better enough to go back to school and work. I, on the other hand, was still pretty out of it and sore. I progressed though, I was able to eat 2 crackers. I joke around about getting sick and losing weight... but then I actually get sick and hate it. 

Wednesday started out awesome. 
That's the face I had all day.

Until my basketball game... don't get me wrong, I LOVE basketball and I LOVE my team. So here is what happened... Michael and I are playing on a co-ed team and in the beginning of the game, our team gets called because one of our guys knocked over a girl. I honestly don't remember everything that happened... but I, at that moment, thought all the justice of the world fell. I decided to take it upon myself to right the wrong that was made against my team and flop for a foul. (you can already see where my logic was flawed). The very next play begins and some red head from the other team comes flying down the court. I think he was being followed by Michael.. I forget. Anywho, I strategically decide to move in front of him. Well kids, when something that is moving really fast collides with something that isn't moving at all, the object that is not moving gets hurt A LOT more than the object that is moving. I finally was able to learn something from Physical Science class during a basketball game. Well, I "flopped" to the ground trying to get a call and fell pretty hard on my hip. To my surprise, no call was called! Not one dang whistle was blown. I laid there, stunned at the injustice. And then my leg started to hurt. I got up, and stumbled right back down because my muscles weren't connecting with my bone. Basically I crippled myself while trying to cheat into getting a foul. 


Anywho, the rest of the week was fun. Except for the fact that my baby mama Amara had to go to the hospital. She's beautiful and seven months pregnant; in other words, she's beautifully seven months pregnant. She's been doing well (as far as I know), but I still wanted to send some positive thoughts her way:

Love you Amara, Mei Le will be perfectly fine and perfectly beautiful :).


  1. you make me laugh. a lot. i feel like i've already said that on here... but just in case i didn't, i'm saying it now. i am sorry you got hurt trying to get fouled though.

    hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Haha dang Paola, I thought this could be a baby annoucement. Glad you are feeling better and don't have the poops anymore.