Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Tired

I think one of the biggest reasons I blog is to help keep myself awake at work. I'm not bored or anything, I have PLENTY to do. I just ate lunch, so my brain kicks into "napping" mode. I've always thought this was weird because my body responds well to a stable routine. I (usually) wake up fine at 7:00 AM since my body is use to it, and I (usually) don't get hungry till about 12:30 which is when I take my lunch. I also use the bathroom around the same time everyday. So here's my question, why do I get tired randomly during the day when I NEVER take naps. And by never, that doesn't include Sundays. Anywho, it annoys me because all I want to do is slam my face on my desk and pass out until someone notices.

So this morning, Michael and I had an interesting discussion about the birthrate in the United States. A couple years ago I was in the 1 credit political science class and the teacher showed this clip about how races with large birth rates will dominate the world in about 50 years. She said that the lowest a birth rate can be before the population "back-tracks" is 2.0. Most first world countries average around 1.5. I think France had the lowest at 1.1 (or Japan... probably Japan). The number signifies the number of children per household (or family). The United States has 2 kids per family, meaning that they replace the parents without adding anything. In France, couples only have about 1 child, meaning that only one parent is being replaced. It's simple math (which I suck at):

2=2 - you replace the people that die, but your population doesn't grow
1=2 - you only replace one person that dies, so your population goes down

Anywho, another interesting fact I learned is that the only reason the United States has a 2.0 birth rate is because of the minority populations (mainly hispanic). So in 50 years, about half of the U.S. population will be hispanic :D. Good thing I went to college now... I probably wouldn't have been able to get a scholarship since hispanics won't be the minority soon.

Another interesting fact is that the Muslim population has a birthrate of 8.9. Yes, 8.9. The video my professor showed in class was pointed toward explaining how first world countries need to push for a higher birth rates or else the "mixture" of races will vanish. We'll only be either Muslim or Hispanic.

It's funny how hypocritical I make myself sound (since I should, by BYU standards, have 2 kids already). Yes I want kids, but I think that waiting another 2 years before we start will be fine? Yes. Sounds great.

I have puppies to raise.

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