Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No, I'm not pregnant. But looking on pinterest has made me want a baby girl SO BAD. Maybe someone in my family should have a baby girl (hint hint Jennifer Orgill...) :).

How beautiful is this girl?! I want to dress my baby girl in pretty dresses...

But then again, I want to teach my daughter that what is outside is less important than what is inside. I read this blog/article a while ago saying how our society, from the beginning of a girl's life, focuses on her beauty (or lack thereof). Whenever we see a cute little girl, the first thing we mention is how cute she looks, or how pretty her hair is. We never ask them questions that trigger brain activity (but then again, I would probably never ask a 5 year old what she thinks about the meaning of life). But for young girls, around 8-10, no one ever asks them what books they like or what they think about certain topics. Michael use to be a primary teacher for 11 year old's, and I had to restrain myself from telling the girls how cute I thought their dresses were. 

It's difficult, so my solution is to not talk to children. Anywho, back to pictures of cute girls (I'm not a pedophile):

I hope my daughter has blue eyes and dark hair. My dad has blue eyes... and Michael has blue eyes, so maybe?
How precious is she?!
Those eyes
So beautiful and innocent
Love her cute outfit. I want to dress my baby girl in pretty clothes... 
Chunky cheeks and chunky lips
Basically, baby girls are the best.

If I ever get the chance to be a mama, I want my baby girls to be named Evelyn and Elayne. Evelyn I've liked since I was young and Elayne I got from a book I'm reading right now called the "Wheel of Time". I better have 2 girls, that's all I'm sayin'. 

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