Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Season

I love the holidays :).

It's been so nice. My birthday was super fun and I got to eat all-you-can-eat sushi. And let me tell you, I ate ALL I could eat. I also had a nice loooong break and relaxed with the pups. We did a lot of hiking and "running" (they ran... Michael and I watched them run. That still counts though, right?). It was nice to be outside and watching our furry babies enjoy their time with us.

We celebrated Christmas latino style. Well, almost. We didn't eat our "dinner" on Christmas eve mainly out of laziness, but we did open presents at midnight. I loved the look on Michael's face when he saw all the things I got him :). I finally was able to successfully hide and wrap everything without him knowing what I got him! And he said that he was honestly surprised by how AWESOME my gifts were. Just being awesome, what can I say. Christmas morning was very relaxing with only one hour of church. Our Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious. Honestly, I have never had ham as good as our ham was on Christmas. I stuffed my face, for days after that as well. And we had rolls from Shirley that were delicious. That bakery is legit.

Anywho, the week after was also pretty chill. Not a lot of work, and more days off :). The weather has been really nice too. Mid 40's and 50's. That means that a huge cold front is coming... yay. But it's been super nice and we have been going on long hikes behind our house with the Black clan. I must say, life is pretty good right now. We're excited for the new year, and Michael is more excited about starting his last semester at the Y.

I love pinterest. Especially when I find gems like this:

Kills me every time I read it.

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