Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Beloved

I have been the worst wife the past couple days... Poor Michael has had to deal with my mood swings and stupidity which are mainly coming from his inability to accept that we should get a new dog.

I know... retarded.

Anywho, I hope to make it up to my poor husband by giving him a shout out on my blog :). Michael is pretty fantastic. Not only is he incredibly handsome and good at everything he does (except for what I ask him to do...) (jk, I keep forgetting that I'm trying to be nice), but he is also the funniest guy I know. I mean, he'll be sitting there and then randomly break into song. It's adorable. And I love watching him play with Luke and Leia. If he is any where close as good as being a father as he is with Luke and Leia, then he'll be an amazing human father <3. If that doesn't make sense, it's ok. It took me about 10 minutes to write that sentence and by the end I just gave up. Basically, Michael rocks.

10 things I love about him:

#1: His cooking! I am so blessed to have a husband who actually likes to cook and cooks AMAZINGLY.
#2: He's almost as lazy as me. I don't have to feel pressure to be a work-out freak or out-door freak because Michael loves to sit on the couch next to me!
#3: He has my same sense of humor. We both love watching the same shows.
#4: He loves dogs. And I love dogs.
#5: He doesn't get offended easily. Apparently I'm rude, so I thank him for not actually believing anything that comes out of my mouth.
#6: He's my Wikipedia. He knows everything about everything.
#7: He's patient. I mean, he's still married to me so that just kind of explains itself.
#8: He loves watching movies! We both like the gory kind with lots of fighting. No romance please, I'm sensitive.
#9: He doesn't budge even when I'm being a brat. The me-begging-for-a-puppy case is a prime example. I'm a brat and want useless things, but he cares more about our financial health than my temper tantrums. I'm beyond grateful for that.
#10: He prays and reads scriptures with me even when I'm tired. He always makes sure that we are doing what we should be and that we are worthy to go to the temple. Couldn't ask for a better man.

Anywho, life is great and it's mainly because Michael is great. I love you sweetheart and I apologize again for how stupid I've been!

Here are some pictures that remind me of you:

I keep showing him funny things I find online... and he never laughs... he just stares and then goes back to what he's doing. 

This is something similar to what you told me yesterday. 



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