Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

I thought I was having a bad day today, but then when I was on facebook, I realized that EVERYONE was having a bad day today. Funny how that happens. Anywho, it's Wednesday, which means it's not Friday. In other words, Wednesdays won't ever really be a good day. Especially when you forget it's Wednesday and think it's Friday.

I wasn't sure what to blog about and I wanted to avoid the usual "complain about hipsters" thing because I can go on and on with that topic. I've been thinking a lot about working out and how to manage my time between working both jobs, family, YW calling, etc. It's been really hard to find time and motivation since I don't have a gym membership anymore (You have to get reallllly creative). So I've decided that since I don't have time to work out after work because I usually have 12343u23 other things to do, I will work out in the mornings! It makes PERFECT sense! Why not wake up about 1 1/2 hours earlier than you would have, and just do some healthy exercises right!?

You can ask my unused work out clothes how good that's going... I've tried so hard to get up in the morning. The night before I pump myself up and I get everything ready so that I do the most minimal amount of thinking possible in the morning. I tell myself repeatedly that it will happen and I go to bed listening to work out music (thinking that it will linger until I wake up...). In the morning, all that motivation falls apart and I end up waking up at my usual time... suck.

Moral of the story: put your alarm clock out of arms reach. Maybe I'll move mine. Probably not.

BTW, I want a camera soo bad. I have this nasty bruise on my hip from running into a door (they're tricky things) and I wanted to post it with some funny comments. My dogs also do funny things that I want to take pictures of or take a video of. But I can't.

Yay for Thursday tomorrow. Weekend Eve!

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