Tuesday, June 12, 2012


OK, I said I would update everyone about our move and everything... but I forgot and the weeks have flown by.

Anywho, so I started work the Monday after we moved (I ended my HCO job at BYU on the Friday before we left), which means that I had no break from work (which is a good and bad thing). I got a position working as a merchandising assistant for Sam's Club Home Office. The job is something else, let me tell you. My first couple days were spent at a painful orientation, and then I was able to get my grand tour of the Sam's building which is freakin awesome. My co-workers around me are great and I'm really enjoying my team. I'm slowly learning all the responsibilities I need to do, but it's a bit overwhelming. I guess the thing that is most stressful is not knowing anything or not knowing what to do when something comes up. I'm being patient, and I have definitely improved in the past month, but it's still a thorn on my side. I want to know everything, and I want to know everything now :).

My category that I support (Paper) is right next to the Pet category so I get to talk dogs with people that actually want to listen! I know I can get a little carried away with talking about my furry children, but now I feel like I have a run for my money (or whatever the saying is). My co-worker (as I have already mentioned) has 4 large, beautiful dogs, so we trade secrets and give each other pointers and advice :).

So we are renting a house in Bella Vista, which is the hilly side of Benton County. The roads look exactly like the roads I got into my big accident with my jeep do. It scares me to death driving on these roads... but I'm getting use to that too. The backyard we have is great and big, with lots of trees so the dogos have shade and ticks. I love ticks. Especially dead ones.


These pictures aren't actually our car... I wanted to take pictures, but it's dark out right now and I know that if I wait to post this, I'll forget and it'll never get posted. But it's the same color as the ones above. The car is pretty awesome and it's a 2013! I know... it's only 2012, but I'm not questioning the label :). I get to drive this to work everyday so I call it "my car" lol. Michael likes to correct me and say "our OTHER car". Toe-may-toe, toe-ma-toe. Point is, we love it and it loves us. Now we are one big, two car, happy family. 

Michael finished all his classes so now he is OFFICIALLY a BYU graduate. Congrats to my love!! I'm really proud of him for pushing through the last two classes he had to finish. Poor thing, the classes were draining his life source away. He officially gets to start work on Monday. He's been complaining about how he's had nothing to do for about 2 months. I think about his complaints when I wake up at 6:00 AM and watch him sleep peacefully as I drag myself out of bed. Then I think about punching his peaceful face. Then I backtrack and remember that he's really good looking, so then I punch him in the arm instead. 

Life here is going pretty well so far. We're very happy :).

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