Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Trainer

If you do not value your life, or are suicidal, ask Michael to be your trainer. I unfortunately did.


But seriously.

My boss is in really good shape so I asked her what her secret is, and she said that she's had a trainer for a really long time. I told Michael that I wanted to get one, assuming that the trainers at the gym we go to would probably be cheap. He volunteered to train me instead, so I stupidly accepted. On Saturday we had our first training session, and he had me "warm up" running half a mile at a 7-minute pace. If you think that's easy, then screw you, because it wasn't for me. I had been running the week before we started, but not that intensely. After the run (yes, I finished it... but barely), I was done for the day.

He barely scratched the surface.

He had me do exercises that hurt after the first rep. I was literally falling asleep by the end of the work out because my body just wanted to shut down and heal. After the torture, he made me do sprints. Freakin jerk. I tried for about 10 seconds and then collapsed. Then he made me run sprints again.

Point of the story is, I'm still sore, even today. My neck muscles hurt on Sunday. I had muscles on my feet that were hurting. My FINGERS were hurting. He killed me. And then he killed me again yesterday. I'm not sure who's more foolish... Michael for thinking that I'll survive another work out session, or me continuing to go. Michael did the work out I did on Saturday, and he barely got through it. I just wanted to add that so that people don't think I'm completely useless.

Hopefully, if I'm not lying dead in the Bentonville Gym, I'll be toned and sexy within a month. Or two. Probably never. I decided today that I enjoy eating burgers more than being really toned. But then my body remembers all the pain Michael made me go through and I never want to eat ever again. Ever.

P.S. I just read the Divergent series, and IT WAS AWESOME. Such an exciting book!!!!!!!! I recommend it.

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  1. Look how much I'm stalking you! You read Divergent, yes! I just finished the second book, Insurgent and it is also great. Also you kill me hahaha.