Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our First Home

We freakin BOUGHT A HOUSE.

As soon as we signed the papers, Michael said, "We're finally real people." I never realized how poor real people were... just kidding. Well, not really haha.

So we have been house hunting for the past couple weeks and it has been horrible. I would literally send our Realtor a list of houses I liked at night, and half my list would be gone (sold) by the morning. We were starting to think that we would never find anything, until we found a really REALLY nice house. The problem: wayyy too expensive. So we dropped that and kept looking. It got to the point where I was telling Michael that I didn't care anymore. I told him to just chose something before I exploded. 

Luckily I didn't have to explode. On Saturday we went house hunting and the last house we saw we fell in love with. I mean the price was perfect, the size was good, and it was updated. I don't mind doing a little work, but if everything is done to your standard then better for me. Our backyard is pretty large and the floors (most of them) are pretty dog proof. 

Anywho, so on Saturday we made an offer within an hour of being in that house. We called the Realtor associated with the house and she said that 4 or 5 other couples were interested. By Sunday, our offer was still the strongest, but then we got a call from our Realtor saying that some guy was offering CASH MONEY for the house. Who the hell has that much money!? I was ready to punch someone. Well, usually cash offers win, so we just kind of bowed our heads and started looking at other houses. On Monday we didn't hear anything and then this morning my husband texted me that we got it! I stood up and shrieked at work, jumping up and down at my desk. It was a pretty fun sight... and my co-workers were all giving me strange looks. 

We signed our contract right after I got done with work and now we are waiting to close :). I can't wait to move in!! We hope to be in by the end of July :). Here are some pictures for your enjoyment (I'm obviously not posting our address... I'm pretty sure too many people at work already know where I live...):

Our HUGE backyard for our pup-pups. We're going to plant some trees to give them some shade.

The fireplace in the backyard. 

The master bath. The left door is the toilet and the right is the walk-in closet.

Master bedroom. I can't remember what type of ceiling that is...

Breakfast nook, kitchen, and living room. 

Formal dining room.

The front of the house.

My AWESOME kitchen! Well... our kitchen I guess, since I don't cook.

The living room.

Kitchen, bar, and living room.

We are SOO happy with our new house and we can't wait to move in!! And obviously none of the furniture is ours... 


  1. it looks awesome! congrats!!!!! (the girls are still going through major Paola withdrawls... they really missed you at camp)

  2. Paola that looks like such an amazing house. The inside looks amazing and the yard looks huge. You'll just definitely need to plant some trees cause that will add so much and then it will be perfect. But its pretty darn close now. I'm so excited for you. Its true home owners are more poor (at least we are) but the investment is worth it, right?! good luck closing, hopefully its not a pain for you, like it was for us!

  3. hey aimee thanks so much!!! and home owners are poor... but rich at heart right? congrats to you with buying a house! i hope closing isn't a nightmare. everything else has been... so i'm really hoping for a clean close (which is probably unrealistic).

  4. I LOVE that house! It is so pretty! I am so excited for you. I hope that you are having tons of fun and that you enjoy your new house.
    - Nicole