Friday, November 18, 2011

Home Sick

No, I'm not "homesick"... well, fine I am. I mean to say that I am AT home, sick. I finally decided to take a full sick day and recover. How's that going you might ask? Not too well.... I still have so much to do. The dogs ran out of food last night so this morning I made them some yummy chicken with carrots and potatoes :). I actually liked cooking for them. I also got some dishes done and cleaned the kitchen. I did some part-time work and now I'm sitting again, after folding laundry and making the bed, to do more part-time work. I don't ever think I will enjoy a "day-off" or "sick-day" until I'm really old. And by that time I'll either be retired or dead. or both. I miss the good ol' days in high school where my day off consisted of playing crazy-taxi on playstation for hours. Or playing the SIMS on my computer... for hours. Or sleeping. Or reading. Basically everything but what I've been doing today. One good thing about staying home today is that I free up time for tomorrow!

Catherine, Michael, and I will be going Thanksgiving shopping tomorrow. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner yet, so I'm hoping to make my cooking debut next weekend. I love Thanksgiving and I love eating Thanksgiving food. I also LOVE Black Friday! I can't tell you how excited I am. I get to do all my Christmas shopping then :). It's also a day where Michael doesn't stand behind me and say, "Oh, do we need that?" 5 most annoying words. Michael and I want to get some tasty recipes to make yummy food for the dogs. I know, people think that I'm a little over board with my dogs. I don't think I am. They are part of my family and they have distinct personalities. They aren't just mindless animals content with whatever comes there way. They have feelings. Anywho, I don't want to start my "animals have feelings" debate. I am a proud pup mom and I can't wait to spoil them next week.

I hope that we can find a camera next week during Black Friday. I think we have a warranty on our old one.. but we can't find the box. I also think that it expired a couple months ago. Hopefully there will be actual pictures of us on here soon (especially since I want to take our Christmas Card picture soon!). Here's the thought for today:

something I keep trying to tell Michael

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