Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Score for the week:

Paola: 2
Sleeping In: 1

NBD world, I'm doin' my thing. This mornings walk was kind of interesting actually. I was close to being done and while I was walking Luke and Leia down a hill, I noticed three cars parked around each other with their lights on. I didn't think much of it (mainly because a lot of people are in their cars leaving for work around that time), so I just continued on and walked between two of the cars to go down a cul de sac. Well, right when I start passing between the cars, a young man gets out of one of the cars holding a shot gun. For some reason I wasn't scared and just kept walking, but he didn't approach me or say anything to me at all. He walked over to the other car, gave the shot gun to someone in the back seat, and then left. It was super strange, but I wasn't harassed so I didn't call the police. I'm assuming they were going hunting... since hunters go early in the morning.

Maybe next time I should avoid strange looking parked cars? Probably. Anywho, I'm fully confident that Luke and Leia would have protected me...

but not really.

I read this quote today:

"Nothing will work unless you do."
~ Maya Angelou

Short and to the point.

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