Friday, January 13, 2012


To continue my rant on how girls have bad image problems, see the following:

If you can't connect, or something screwy happens, go to Yahoo!. They have the story on their homepage.

Anywho, I am just getting more and more frustrated with this issue! I kinda, might have, broken my "vow" to never talk about my weight the other day. At work I was feeling disgusting and my pants were tight so I started whining about how fat I was. Let me make this clear (more to myself than to any of you): I AM NOT FAT. And even if I was naturally bigger, who the hell cares?! Why are skinny models considered "beautiful"?! The news clip above said that models are 23% skinnier than the average women. Why are they the ones "representing" women in magazines?! THEY ARE NOT WOMEN. Women are naturally curvy. Women's hips TOUCH. Women's arms flap around. Women's side abs tend to fold on top of one another every now and again. Women's stomachs are more round. Why are we representing the wrong type of women? I love my body. I love my flaps. I had to work hard to get them! I didn't just get my flaps by sitting around (although that's part of the reason...). I had to eat lots of doughnuts to get how I am.

I am obviously kidding, but I'm not at the same time. If we all stopped worrying about how skinny we were, we'd enjoy life so much more! I love food and I'm going to eat food. Especially doughnuts. It's all about being healthy and taking care of what is given to you. This body is a gift and should not be mistreated by eating too much or too little. Just love yourself!

Anywho, sorry about the rant. I get so worked up when I come across things like the clip above. Women are so freakin awesome. I mean, who else can cry, laugh, and yell angrily all at the same time? Men don't have the mental or physical capacity to hold so much emotion. They'd blow up.

Some more funnies:

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