Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was sitting around, planning my lesson for tomorrow for the Young Women, and I came across this gem on youtube:

The lesson is about being a daughter of God. I just loved how more "universal" this message is. I also love how unique every single one of the people in the pictures were. Every one of them has a unique story. I really liked the old ladies... I am always so annoyed by how there are creams to hide or "lift" your face to remove wrinkles. Why would you want them removed? Aging is a blessing and it's beautiful. Wrinkles to me signify wisdom, experience, knowledge, and strength. It means you worked hard and suffered. It also means that you survived the hard trials or are contiuing to survive. Every imperfection, strech mark, bruise mark, scar, vein swell, wrinkle, gray hair is a sign of living instead of hiding behind the security of good looks. And heck, I'm only 22 and I already have all those things!

Anywho, Michael and I are sitting around watching the Broncos/Patriots game and I remember that for the longest time I thought the line of scrimmage and the first down line were actually on the field. I've always wondered how the players didn't trip over it or how the people on the side were able to move it so quickly after the play. I remember making a comment about it to Michael and he started laughing. He then told me, while laughing hysterically, that they were digital.

I felt stupid.

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  1. We should watch football together... I am like you...