Monday, January 23, 2012

The Big News!

So Michael already beat me to the punch... but


Michael applied for this position at the Walmart HQ in August (or September...) (or even October...), and after a ton of interviews, stress, and a flight out to Arkansas last week, he got the job! It was "unofficially" known on Friday (he told me after I posted that blog), but now it's official! The position starts sometime in June, so we have until then to eat at all the places we haven't yet (and be repeat offenders to all the places we already go), spend time with all our dear friends, and go hiking in beautiful Utah. We are really excited for this opportunity and are sooo grateful.

We have some plans for when we're there. I want to apply to work in an office at Walmart (hopefully), and then after getting residency I will apply to go to graduate school and do the Communications Disorders Masters to go into Speech Therapy at the UofA. Then after I get that done, and hopefully enter my field of study, Michael can go and get his MBA wherever he chooses (probably UofA).

Michael is super excited since not only does he get the job he's wanted for a while, but he also gets to move back to his home state and live near his parents. I'm excited because we're planning on buying a house (obviously after we've saved enough) and be real adults! I'm also excited to live near his parents, but nothing beats living in Maryland :(. I am closer to my family though, so visiting won't be as impossible :).

Basically, life is good and we are really excited for all the things coming up. We are sad about leaving all our amazing friends. But goodbye's aren't till later....

Now some pinterest funnies:

this is my face after my dogs do something horrible, but then look at me with big eyes and innocent looks

this one is inappropriate, but I died laughing

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  1. Wow, congratulations Paola. What an exciting adventure this will be for you two.