Monday, January 9, 2012

Great Start

Just to let everyone know:

Paola: 1
Sleeping In: 0

Yup, folks, I did it again. I went "running"! Today I didn't actually run; the field I usually run in was covered in a couple inches of snow so I didn't want to ruin my running shoes. I did go walking with the dogs though, and my neighborhood is super hilly so I got a good work out. This is a great start to my week... hopefully I can keep this up.

Another positive note, Michael and I had a super fun time with family last night. All the sister's and significant others got together and we played a fun game of Phase 10 (and by fun, I mean extremely stressful and competitive). We had delicious treats and I was able to get my BEAUTIFUL mixer that my awesome Mother-In-Law sent me :). I also got this awesome (hand-made) gift from Jenn:

Minus the weirdo bow at the top. They look freakin great.

Basically, my in-laws/sister-in-laws are better than yours.

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