Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bath Tub

Today was very interesting.

First off, I dream about a rapist being in my backyard and I get scared out of my mind from TJ screaming about how Michael has been trying to contact me. Apparently Michael's flight was delayed... but with TJ screaming, I thought that my dream was coming true and that a rapist was really outside stealing my dogs...

Anywho, I was almost sad finding the dogs outside hahah. Just kidding. I don't want them gone. So I will kill you if you take them.

I called Michael back and he doesn't answer. Typical. I'm just thinking his flight is delayed and he'll be back later today, so I get the tub a little filled and start shaving my legs (something that's been lOOOOOOOOOOng overdue) and I finally get in touch with Michael about his flight. I sadly find out that he won't be back until tomorrow... but as I was standing up to put lotion on, I dropped my phone in the water.


Now my phone isn't working. I put it in a bag of rice... and it actually turned on for a bit and I was able to talk to Michael, but then it died because the battery was low.

I left my charger at work... which is something I NEVER do.

I should just crawl under my covers until he comes back because apparently I can't function without him around.

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  1. What kind of charger does it need, we have lots of different phones...