Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kudos to the Husbands

Michael suggested I write a blog about how in most of the couples we know, the man is the person that usually cooks. We went to have dinner with our friends from our first married ward and the man of the family was the cook. We all laughed because Michael does ALL of the cooking. Every now and again I'll get up and make something... but it's usually full of sugar and yummy butter. And in the shape of a cookie or brownie. Apparently you can't live off of just that...

Anywho, we saw another couple at our Walmart trip and it was the same situation! I think it's funny and interesting that the norm of having the women cook is slowly becoming less of a standard. I want to learn how to cook, and I want to make delicious meals for my handsome hubs, but I honestly have no time. If I'm not working, I'm doing something with the Young Women in my ward (who are freakin awesome!) and so I just don't have the time to make a decent meal. Michael, on the other hand, can take 30 minutes to prepare something and I'm grateful for it. Maybe later, if I get more time, I'll cook more. Or maybe Michael will just continue to cook his deliciously amazing meals.... maybe if I compliment him enough he'll like doing it :). I don't care for cooking. All I want to do is make yummy, fattening treats:

This beautiful thing is called "No Bake Nutella Cheesecake". Yes, I also stopped breathing for about 2.3499 seconds. How have I not ever eaten this?! I wanted to make it tonight, but I have to work :(, and work out :''''{ (i'm crying so much I grew a mustache apparently). This is something I'm definitely making this weekend. I told my sister that I want to bake stuff for her Sweet 15 that's coming up this summer. I decided to bake something every weekend or every other weekend to practice and then I'd give her a menu of all the yummy things I can make so that she can select what she wants. This, hopefully, will make the list.


  1. Not to depress you, but Shane cooked when we first got married to... 18 years later, not ao much!

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  3. Once upon a time Alex cooked...

  4. Haha, I cook, or Nate and I cook together. On the rare rare rare occasion he surprises me and cooks. Its always delicious