Thursday, March 8, 2012

Armed and Furrious

I had a funny conversation with Michael today about how to arm our dogs for the apocalypse:

Michael: I'll arm Leia with dual ak's.

Me: hahhahahahahahaah. And Chewie with a 50cal?

Michael: Nope, anti-aircraft gun.

Me:  hahahhahaha OK. And what about Luke? A nuke for Luke? (My horrible attempt at humor...)

Michael: Nope, he only gets a BB gun, because he's sensitive.

Me: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Or a plastic spoon. (Another bad attempt at humor... oy)

Michael: That way he still looks legit, but no one will know he really is a big wiener. 

 Poor Luke. He really is very sensitive and scared of almost everything. Actually, we're pretty sure the only thing he's not afraid of is his food. 

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