Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16

Staying strong still... and only 5 more days until I can eat chocolate!!!!

I love March Madness, but every year, on the first day, my bracket goes to crap. This year though, I was perfect after the first day. But then the second day came around and just destroyed it. My East portion is still perfect, but my South and Midwest suck. My West is still pretty good, but there are still 3 games I'm waiting for... and Missouri is only up by one against Norfolk. Secretly, I want lower seeds to have huge upsets, even if it costs me my bracket. But only when it's super lower seeds. So if a 9 seed beats an 8 and I had the 8 seed winning, I get angry.

Anywho, I just heard from a co-worker that she knows a ton of people that will be at the theater I'm going to for Hunger Games. This means that Michael and I will be waiting outside starting at 9. If anyone gets there before me, I will throw dog poop at them. You've been warned.

I found this gem today and thought about how "difficult" my week was. I dedicate this to all the losers who don't have proper phone etiquette:


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