Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 18 & 19

I came to work this morning and Linda, my boss, told me that she had sweets over the weekend!!!!! That means that Kris and I are the only ones who haven't had sweets :D. Right before Linda left for the weekend, I kept trying to describe delicious treats to her and get her to cave. Looks like it worked :). JK. She told me that her husband accidentally gave her candy with sugar in it... poor Linda.

Anywho, I'm really excited for this to be over. I officially get to have treats on Thursday. I've been thinking about what sweets I want to eat once I'm done, but I can't decide. Linda said that after she ate the candy, her stomach hurt, so I don't want to go overboard and lapse into a comma. And she said it didn't taste good... so I don't want to eat something so delicious and hate it afterward. Maybe I'll go for some banana bread since some of my bananas are going brown and need to be used.

Also on Thursday is Hunger Games. I keep seeing statuses of people who have pre-screening tickets. I know at least 5 couples who get to go see the movie at a normal hour on Thursday. My message to you: make sure I don't see you on Thursday because I will be in a mind to jump you. Apart from that annoying thing, I'm really excited. I told Michael that we would be waiting outside at 9:00 PM and he didn't disagree. I think he needs some time away from the pups, they've been driving him crazy. He actually called me at work while I was at lunch and I heard, "YOU STUPID DOGS!" when I picked up. Apparently they had chewed through the box where our Christmas stuff was and decided to brake all our ornaments. And by ornaments, I mean all our tree ornaments, Christmas lights, wreaths, etc. Anywho, Michael said that he's leaving the mess for me to see.... how kind.

Actually, screw the banana bread. I'm eating this sucker:

 This is a nutella cupcake.

I hope my dogs are alive when I get home....


  1. Paola, I finally read the hunger games and finally understand your enthusiasm. We don't have tickets for this weekend, so we probably won't be able to see it till next. But I'm so anxious now!

  2. Until next week?! Well at least you haven't been waiting for months... I've been on edge haha