Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 6

My headaches are getting worse and becoming more frequent. I'm pretty sure it's from the sugar, but I could be wrong. Today was REALLY dangerous though. Last week we had a couple students stop by the office and offer a Hawaiian food tray for $8 (they were raising money for something). Today was delivery day and I was really excited to get this food because I was famished. Well, the student comes and drops off the food but accidentally forgot to leave out the dessert! It was guava cake......... I've never had it before, but it looked amazingly delicious. I was SOOSOOSOSOSO close to eating it. I kept telling myself that I had already put in $0.50 to the Jar of Shame from my gum incident so it wasn't like I was losing money. Then I told myself how my headaches would go away. And how delicious it looked. And how sweet it would taste.

Then I gave it to my boss :). I'm really proud of myself for not eating it, but holy crap, I. was. close.

Whenever I talk to my dogs, I feel like they give me this look:

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