Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 3 & 4 & 5

I wanted to keep a daily update of this sugar fast, but the weekend really just distracts me from computer things. So I didn't. And guess what else I didn't do this weekend? EAT SUGAR.

I'm pretty happy with myself, I'm 100% (the gum I thought had sugar didn't actually have sugar). Yesterday was funny though because I had two of the young women come over last night with a cinnamon bun.... (they of course know I'm doing this sugar fast), so to repay them for their services, I brought out all the pups and had them give the girls a nice time for about 10 minutes. And by nice time, I mean they chased them around the house and tried jumping and licking their faces. I thought that was good enough reward for the delicious treat they brought :). I didn't eat it, although they tried to tempt me, and so I consider myself extremely successful right now.

I haven't had big cravings, but when I do, I eat something before my cravings can get bad. I get "cravings" a lot though, so I feel like I'm always eating to suppress it lol. I'll probably end up gaining weight from all my "suppressed craving" food binges.

W/e. There's money in our "Jar of Shame" now so I'm excited to win it at the end :).

This is my Mr. Chewie. He just turned 6 months on Friday and is HUMONGOUS. I want to squeeze him but he retaliates by sitting on me or stepping on my foot.... 

Both of those things hurt. Very much.

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