Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1

And so it begins.....

Within an hour of being awake, I broke my sugar fast. I was in the car, riding with Michael to work, when I realized the gum I was chewing wasn't sugar free. I spit it out immediately (sorry car behind us...), but the damage was done :(. I'm still in the fast, but I had to pay $0.50 to our "Jar of Shame". I'm betting to NOT mess up again, so hopefully I'm just paying myself. We have a sticker board and I was excited about putting a sticker up tomorrow morning, but I'll have to wait until Monday.

Apart from that though, so far so good. A friend of mine said that my withdrawals should start hitting tomorrow or Saturday, so good luck everyone else!

I accidentally hit a pedestrian with my car yesterday.................................................................

I was taking a right turn and was looking left, waiting for a car to pass, and the next thing I know, there's a guy on my hood! I remember seeing him for a split second before I gunned it, and I wanted to press my brake, but my foot was already on the gas.


He just walked away so w/e... I can now say that I've hit someone with my car. So watch out retarded BYU student pedestrians, I WILL HIT YOU.


  1. that is almost the exact situation i was in when i got hit by a car while crossing the street. i definitely did not walk away, so hopefully you didn't hit him as badly as i got hit...

  2. You can do it! PS if your sugar ness gets really bad, there are lots of sugar free candies on the market, but they are crap for your body...