Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Part 3

So apparently I have a blog titled "Hunger Games" and "Hunger Games Part 2"... completely forgot until I was writing the title.

Anywho, so I made my Hunger Games cupcakes! And I made A TON of them... so now I have to distribute. The frosting looks nothing like the cool picture I showed earlier, but it still looks "lava-ish" so it's cool. And they taste pretty dang awesome if I may say so myself. I was able to snag some pre-screening tickets at 7:30 tonight. The seats are assigned so I don't have to worry about waiting in a line or having a "Hunger Games" for seats before the actual movie. I'm so grateful, and they only cost $10!! This movie is getting better and better and I haven't even seen it yet.

Yesterday after work was super fun! (mark sarcasm). I got home by myself (Michael was in class) and I went around trying to get the dogs ready for a walk since some stupid kids were playing "baseball" at the field we usually go to. While I was getting them ready, I found all of them drinking our 2nd bathroom toilet water! They BARELY left any..... so while I was trying to get them out of the bathroom, Leia snuck downstairs and started chowing down on half a pizza that Michael left out. By the time I got to her, it was nasty and shredded to pieces. For punishment, I decided to stick her in her cage while I took the other two idiots on a walk and while I was locking her cage, I heard the garage door close. I went to try and open it, but my luck never gets far. It was obviously locked, along with all the other doors in my house. So there I was, sitting in my garage with Leia while Luke and Chewie were doing who knows what inside.

Basically, not-so-funny things happen all the time when I'm left with the dogs by myself. But I love them. I mean, look at this picture:

How can you not swoon and die over the little chunk of fur on the left?!! I want to breed Chewie... because I want little puppies like that running around me. And they're still cute when they're full grown :) just a lot heavier. And furrier. And slobbery-er.

Speaking about furrier, I found this today and thought about this one time when I went to the mall with Sister Mackay and Terann with a black hoodie on that was covered in dog hair. Sister Mackay asked me if I had previously rolled in dog fur before coming out. My response was (with an innocent expression), "Is that not normal?".

I love dogs. And Hunger Games. If only I could bring my dogs to the pre-screening, then life would be pretty outstanding.

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