Friday, March 30, 2012

Registration Week

Remind me to NEVER work during registration week...

I swear, I spoke to almost half the students at BYU this week (exaggeration, but honestly, I spoke to A TON OF PEOPLE).

Anywho, this Monday I went to see Hunger Games by myself since Michael was in Arkansas. It was freakin AWESOME. Sorry for all the cap'd words.. I'm just really excited it's Friday since I won't have to answer phones or respond to emails for a weekend. But seriously, that movie is so good and so true to the book. I still stand by my last statements about the changes they should have made, but w/e.

I found this pin today and I cracked up because it reminds me of me:

Seriously everyone... it's a miracle I don't actually attempt to do all the murderous things I voice out loud. Good thing cake exists, because if not, not being a violent psychopath would be hard.

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