Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 10 & 11

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! The sugar fast is.... going. Yesterday, my really good friend Jesse had a baby shower so I was nervous about going because most baby showers I've been to have lots of delicious treats. I should have known better. Jesse is a trainer at Gold's and always health conscious, so the treats at her baby shower were strawberries, bananas, and pretzels. There were delicious smelling muffins and a small chocolate fountain thing, but the other fruit were enough to distract me. So thanks Jesse, I should have guessed that the healthiest person I know would have some of the healthiest treats.

Yesterday was also a lot of fun because I was able to see some hilarious friends from back home. Lets just say:

Good friends + humor + sushi = fun night

The equation above won't work if sushi isn't involved. Tried it. Anywho, so today we blew it for sacrament (the first hour of church). Michael and I have an alarm clock that doesn't adjust to the stupid daylight savings stuff so we woke up as usual and got to church right when people were singing so I thought that it was the first song of the day, until everyone started getting up and moving to the next class. We missed sacrament, but at least now we know it's daylight savings!

I got fake eyelashes done yesterday and I really like them :). According to TJ, they make me look more feminine. I guess I need all the help I can get.

We just took the dogs, and some neighborhood dogs, on a nice walk and they are currently passed out on the ground. I told Michael that this is my favorite part of the day because they sleep forever which means that I can sleep forever. Sunday is my favorite day.

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